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Dentist SEO

As you know that Google is the most used search engine by the users around the world to find information about any services or to buy any products. When it comes to the Orthodontist niche, people started using Google to find information about the treatments and procedure before booking a consultation. Hence SEO for dentists is a vital part in the growing digital world. From the below images, you can see people using Google to search about general dentistry and the cosmetic dentistry treatments.

seo for dentists

**Above image shows the average monthly searches for the keyword “emergency dentist”

keywords for dental seo

**Above image shows the average monthly searches for the keyword “partial dentures”

As a dentist you should have a well-designed website which is optimized to the perfection to rank for the core dental niche search terms which you are targeting to rank for.

Dental SEO Experts at ClickDo have closely worked with many clinics in London and we also have proven rank results for core keywords which you can find in this blog.

Local SEO for Dentists

When it comes to dentist SEO, you need to have clear goals with respect to keywords and the locations to target. If you are having a small clinic or focused only on local SEO like targeting particular location, then your keyword strategy should target only the location based keywords.

For example, from Incase if you are having a Cosmetic Dentist clinic in Leicester, then you can target the search terms like “dentist leicester”, “composite bonding leicester”, “cosmetic dentistry leicester”, similar terms and this is how the local SEO for dentists comes into picture.

Local SEO for Dentists

Dental SEO Expert for your Dental Clinic

Dental SEO Experts at ClickDo, Fernando & Dinesh have worked with many dental clinics in London and have ranked for the hard core terms. Below you can see some of the search terms for which one of our dental niche client in UK is in top of the search results.

Dental SEO Expert

Content planning by the SEO team at ClickDo and with proper backlinks, you can see that one of our clients is ranking on top for the core search terms nationwide in UK.

Below image shows the traffic growth of the site and the keywords growth rate of from zero to thousands in just 6 months time.

content marketing for dental seo

This is how we work closely with the dentist niches in UK and we ranked many sites in the same nice for different keywords.

Dental SEO Keywords

Keyword research plays the vital role in the dental SEO. Our experts have vast experience in working on the keywords which works best for the clients and planning the On Page blogging activities accordingly. From the below images, you can able to see that we have ranked in featured snippet in the Google search results for the more Dental SEO keywords.

Dental SEO Keywords

Below image shows how we ranked #1 for “how much do dentures cost privately” with sitelinks. This keyword has like 700 searches in UK according to ahrefs.

seo for dental clinic

Our experts at ClickDo knows how to optimize the On Page content perfectly and plan the blogs to make sure that it ranks nationwide/locally for the core search terms as shown in the above images.

Dental SEO Services

At ClickDo, results matters for us and we do the best for the sites that we handle and as you can see from the below image that one of the dental niche client is extremely happy by seeing the organic SEO results.

Dental SEO Services

If you are a dentist reading this blog and if you are planning to optimize your webpage perfectly to get more clicks from Google. Then you can Dental SEO Experts at ClickDo and book a free consultation to get more insights about your website. You can email to for all kind of SEO or Google Ads related queries. Not only in Organic SEO, we will also take care of your paid marketing campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, etc.