PPC Consultancy Services

PPC-ServicesPay Per Click (PPC) campaigns have become the standard of advertising in the digital marketing space that most businesses find themselves in today. You can hardly scroll down search engine results without seeing the effects of PPC advertising. This raises the question – how do you plan your PPC campaign in order to compel your audience and enhance your brand exposure? Well, PPC campaigns are both a science and an art thereby requiring creativity to develop ads and an analytical mind to ensure the ads appear in strategic places relative to the targeted customer.

Our company has professionals who will help you create a landing environment through strategic planning and insightful industry knowledge. All our PPC campaigns are customized depending on your needs and preferences. Our main focus is to ensure our clients get results for their investments. We not only design the map but also build the pathways necessary to lead your prospects and existing customers to your product portfolio.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Generating acquisitions including sales, leads and enquiries can eat into your advertising budget if not carefully planned. The good news is Pay Per Click campaigns are flexible and can be applied to any lead generation exercise without incurring so much in terms of costs. Using a fixed Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model, you can run a successful self-financing campaign. Our team has a deeper understanding of the metrics used in PPC campaigns and how they relate to one another. Our campaign management platform helps us to plan and manage PPC campaigns for our clients on a day-to-day basis.

Process Driven Campaign Optimization

Large scale production and advertisement is often associated with economies of scale. However, in PPC campaigns, the opposite is true; the more acquisitions you need, the more the amount you need to pay for every single acquisition.

Optimizing to a CPA

The best way to approach CPA campaigns is through an analysis of the CPA curve. Knowing the metrics that define the CPA curve and how they relate one to another, you can easily manipulate it in a bid to optimize your campaign performance. There are those metrics you can directly affect in order to enhance your CPA campaigns.

  • Impressions – For marketers who want to quantify and validate their display investment, Ad viewability is very important. An impression means the user has performed the required action such as viewing or clicking the creative. If your company pays for ad space on a CPM basis, taking viewability into account as you measure your impressions is critical.
  • Click Through Rate – Enhanced Click Through Rate (CTR) is an important metric in campaign performance because it creates a relatively higher quality score which in turn reduces the cost per click overtime. Higher CTRs also indicate a higher degree of campaign targeting meaning your budget is not wasted on non-targeted clicks. By leveraging on Click Through Rates, you can easily outrank your competition.
  • Average Cost Per Click – This is simply defined as the average amount chargeable for a click on your ad. To arrive at this metric, you should divide the total cost of your clicks by the number of clicks. For instance, of your advertisement receives only 2 clicks where one cost £0.20 and the other costs £0.60, your average cost per click will be £0.40. Average CPC is usually based on your actual CPCs.
  • Conversion – Enhancing your conversion rates is critical in any promotional campaign including PPC. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the sales volume and revenue. Instead of spending lots of money in advertising, you should capitalize on the following techniques to boost your conversion: A/B testing, creation of a clear and compelling value proposition and setting up of a sales funnel.

Our Services

We offer a variety of advertising services to suit your marketing needs. Among our services include:

Google Adwords – With over two thirds of all searches done on Google, Google Adwords position your ads for maximum exposure and viewership. It also allows you to test your keywords so as to zero in on those that complement your campaign.

FB Advertising – With over 1 billion users, Facebook gives you as a business owner a robust platform to directly engage your prospects and arose their interests in your products.

PPC Audits – In the event you prefer managing your own account, our PPC audit service will help you identify potential areas for improvement which can help in fine tuning your online marketing strategy.

Bing Ads – Bing is one of the powerful search engines. Bing Ads has become a popular platform that enhances your brand positioning, increases the viewership of your products and gives you value for your investment.