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How to handle a Modelling Agency website?

At ClickDo, we handle the 2 largest modelling agency websites in UK and it ranks back to back for tough terms. We are now in a position to play a monopoly game in this industry with the help of multiple customers from different locations throughout United Kingdom!

This article is about the modelling agency website that we handle at ClickDo. It has more than 3000 Models profiles in a single WordPress CMS built by Kasun Sameera and Madhura Darshana.

Whats the challenge?

We have taken that website for ranking on Big G! It’s an awesome project 😉 and we have been working very hard to optimize the website and rank it ASAP. It had more than 3000 models profiles (via WooCommerce) and we have spent days and nights to organize the content on the website.

Pro Tip: Website Size (Files + DB) — It’s more than 16GB 😀

Categories Classification

We have spent huge time interacting with the client and their support team to classify the models accurately. Even if there is a single miss in classification, it would create chaos during customer booking. Hence, we have implemented 2 steps of models verification and it went fine.

Why select ClickDo for your Modelling Agency SEO Needs?

  • Dedicated Customer Support in website updates and SEO.
  • Experts in Modelling Agency Industry!
  • We know what converts in this industy and we have enough data for content driven decisions.
  • We understand the behaviour flow on website and we drive morethan 600 Unique visitors for our customers every day!

Content Updates

For every content update in website, It does not take less than 6 hours straight. It also require domain knowledge to ensure that we update proper content in the right page / category.


Image Compression! The king of all tasks…

Yeah! Every model has at least 10 Pictures (in Gallery Style) and to make sure every image uploaded by client are properly optimized, it takes ages! We must also make sure that there is no redundancy in images.

The website is equipped with a VPS that has 2GB of Dedicated RAM.

When we start compressing the images using 3rd party premium plugins (the best in market) it takes about 3 hours to complete. Further, to regenerate the thumbnails, another 4 to 5 hours!

Once this is done, the redundant files has to be deleted. It’s a click of a button. Still, I believe that a tonne of experience is required to handle a huge site like that and team work is the Key!


Do you Own a Huge website?

If you are a business owner and breaking your head with a huge site that requires an experienced team to manage, let us know! We will be happy to support you to focus on your business.

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