#1 Video Production Company in UK for Digital Branding

At ClickDo Ltd. we will take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level with our world class video production in London, UK. As digitally inspired team at the agency we know that people tend to enjoy video much more and give more attention to it. No matter if your selling a product or providing a service, if there’s no video on your homepage, you are missing out big time.

There is not other tool like a compelling video trailer, that will say more about your company, than words ever could. It will do so faster, and it will be much easier for the visitor, they just need to click and watch. A nowadays, our attentions and time is so precious, so you already know we need to make it as easy as possible for our customers to see what we can offer. So without further ado, here´s an amazing compilation of what we’ve done for other clients:

ClickDo Videography Showreel

See nowadays, it´s all about branding. If you´re not building a brand with your business, you lost already. People want a brand to buy from, to take care from them. They need to trust you, be in touch with you, because they can buy from ANYONE. Why do you choose Coke instead of some random soft drink? Because they made a brand.

To make it even more transparent. Imagine you run a hair & beauty salon. Why do you think people will choose yours instead of the one next door? Price, quality of service, location – all those matters. Now imagine they visit 2 websites. One is full of text information and images, and the other features this on their landing page:

In addition, video content will also massively help to boost visitors on-page-time, which will in turn give more authority and authentic reach to your website on Google. So basically, it´s a win-win situation, there is no reason why not to have video content on your site.

And why would you choose us? Well, because we´re the best at what we can offer you. You´ll get a full videography deal tailored specifically to your project and wishes. We´ll provide the same services a big production company could, but at a way lower rate and way more customized process. Plus we´ll know better how to put that on your site and help you create a brand for your company. Listen to this review and you´ll see what we mean:

So if we haven´t managed to convince you that video is the most important thing you can have on your page by now, you´re probably surfing the wrong website. In case you agree, in case you are an action taker who knows what´s good for their business, give us a ring or drop us an email. We´ll create breath-taking videos you will be proud of for years.