SSL Certificate Setup (https:// On Your Website Domain)

SSL Certificate Setup (https:// On Your Website Domain)

If you are looking to get SSL Certificate setup (https:// on your domain with security for your visitors) and implementation on your business website domain, on this page we will explain you procedure and how:

What’s included in the
SSL Implementation Service by ClickDo?

  • SSL Certificate

  • Verification Proceeding required to gain SSL Certificate for your domain

  • Integration of SSL in your web server

  • Making Changes in CMS (Like WordPress) to make sure all the pages are fully encrypted

  • Making changes to Google Analytics

  • Submit the site to Google Search Console

  • Submit the site to Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Verification of Green Pad Lock for Web Pages

What are different Types of SSL Implementation Service Available?

1. Paid SSL + Installation FEE
2. Free SSL + Installation FEE
3. Your Own SSL Certificate + Installation FEE

What’s the procedure to Get SSL For Your Website?

Step 1 : You have to purchase our SSL Installation Package.
Step 2 : You have to Fill the SSL Implementation Requirements Form (we will email to you separately).

You can read more about SSL Certificates if you need more information.

Contact us for SSL Certificate buying, setup, and complete implementation services.