Website Management Services

Your website is the face of your company on the internet. Depending on how well you manage it, it can either boost or lower your image and reputation. Many business owners are engrossed with the day-to-day management of their establishments thereby leaving little or no time in managing their websites. When neglected for long, websites become derelict and may even attract unnecessary penalties from search engines.

Our professionals are pretty much aware of the problems website owners go through most of which are technical and beyond their capacities to solve. We have developed comprehensive website management solutions to cover both individuals and business owners who do not have enough time or expertise to manage their sites properly. Our team manages websites including content updates, plugin upgrades among other things regardless of who originally designed your site.

Dedicated Website Management

We offer dedicated website management solutions customized for your site based on your unique needs and preferences. We assign you one of our professionals who will handle everything about your site from backups, functionality enhancements, site customization, image optimization, content management to basic SEO services. We give our customers priority over other day-today services meaning your requests will be completed within the shortest time possible.

Our Website Management Plans

Every website owner has his own needs which require a distinct approach from the rest. This is why we offer different website management plans tailored to suit the market demand. Our pricing is also flexible to accommodate as many website owners as possible. For instance, if you want occasional website management, we recommend our hourly service plans. On the other hand, if your website maintenance needs are ongoing, we advise that you enroll on our monthly maintenance schedule which is much cheaper and guarantees you 24/7 site surveillance.

Types of Websites We Manage

Our website management experts are not limited when it comes to managing sites on different platforms and content management systems. We can comfortably handle:

WordPress Sites – WordPress is the most common platform on which millions of websites are built. It has excellent features but requires constant upgrades and updates.

PHP – Sites built on this server-side scripting language are also common and account for over 240 million websites. PHP websites also include HTML code and web frameworks that require professional management.

In addition, we manage websites built using standard HTML and Dreamweaver as well as emerging platforms.

Our web management process is simple and efficient. Our end goal is to ensure your website functions as if it is new and running at its optimal page speed.