Digital Marketing Strategist

Love TO Work At ClickDo;

ClickDo prides itself in being the leading digital marketers; we help our clients position their brands at the top of the consumer pyramid. You have a knack for technology, and getting things done? Then we need you today, we need you as part of our team! 

Say What;

Do you wish to be a digital market, work with other professionals as part of a team to help us market brands, and client’s sites? ClickDo is offering you a chance to earn money doing just that.

Digital Marketing Strategist – Job Description;

  • As a Digital marketing strategist, you’ll be expected to come up with strategies that can be used to enhance a client’s brand image. The strategies must be clear and practical.
  • You’ll also work with the other team members to implement the strategy, with clear goals and targets while at it. You’ll also have several clients under your wings, and you must update them constantly about the progress of their sites and brands.
  • You’ll be meeting clients one on one, or arranging video meetings, where you explain to them clearly about the strategies being put in place to help them meet their objectives.
  • Clickdo seeks to reach out to clients from far and wide; even if you are outside the UK, we’ll expect you to liaise and engage local businesses interested in their building their brand, and bringing them on board.
  • In digital marketing, you’ll be expected come up with quarterly reports and analysis of the progress made so far. These can be shared internally with other team members, but also with the clients under you.

What We Expect From You as Digital Marketing Strategist;

  • Be a team player, result oriented, and someone who can work with little or no supervision at all.
  • Good analytical skills are vital, proper strategizing will require you to analyze all market trends and SEO strategies very accurately.
  • A degree in advertizing, marketing, and other courses related to business would be an added advantage. But that aside, we want someone driven by passion, someone who is excited by achieving the set targets and results.

Focus is on you

  • Digital marketing is constantly evolving, new trends and strategies are being invented by marketers
  • As the Digital marketing strategist, the onus is on you to acquaint yourself with these latest trends and strategies.
  • Digital marketing can be sluggish at times, patience is needed from both the marketer, and from the client side too. Thus, you’re expected to always remain cool headed and courteous even when things don’t seem to be working as per plan.
  • Where you’ll need any form of assistance or clarification, our team members will always be glad to be of help. You’ll never work alone; you’ll always have someone by your side to consult or engage.

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