Digital Marketing Summer Internship

Love TO Work At ClickDo;

Do you have a passion for digital marketing; are you looking for a summer internship at one of the leading Digital Marketing firms in the UK? ClickDo is looking for someone like you too!Say What;

Are you addicted to the internet, social media or even blogging? Want to put that passion into use with the top Digital Marketer in the UK? Join ClickDo today!

Digital Marketing Summer Internship – Job Description;

  • As a digital market summer intern at ClickDo, you will work very closely with the other marketers to help drive the company objectives and goals
  • Digital marketing is wide, there are numerous methods used to drive this kind of marketing; from link building, SEO services, blogging, social media, you’ll be expected to be conversant with all these.
  • You must also be able to come up with strategies to be used in driving the digital marketing campaigns of clients. These strategies must always be explained to the client clearly and constantly.
  • Digital marketing is very result oriented; after a week or so of commencing this marketing, the client should be able to see results.
  • You’ll thus need to be guided by the need to deliver results and ensure that the client is pleased with our services.

What We Expect From You;

  • Be very conversant with the latest Digital marketing skills and strategies. These include link building, use of social media, blogging, SEO skills, to mention but a few.
  • Have the organizational skills to develop a marketing strategy that is both assuring to the client, and also bound to yield positive results.
  • Deadlines also matter; clients will require you to give precise time frame within which they’ll see a change.
  • Passion is a vital ingredient in digital marketing; it keeps you going and striving to work harder, just to see that a client is satisfied and fully sorted.

Focus is on you;

  • Digital marketing skills and strategies keep changing, evolving, and being updated. As a digital marketer summer intern, it’s for you to keep yourself fully acquainted with any new developments in the marketing world.
  • While you must be pursuing a course related to Digital marketing, it is very important that you be someone creative, someone who can think of solutions to complex challenges pretty fast.
  • During your entire internship, you’ll learn a lot from us; but we’ll also expect you to help us meet our business objectives especially when a task has been assigned to you.
  • We offer our digital marketers all the support that they need, we facilitate brainstorming sessions where the marketers can come together and learn from one another.
  • We recognize and appreciate new talent; feel free to ask your supervisors or colleagues anything you don’t understand.

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