E-Commerce Specialist

Love TO Work At ClickDo;

ClickDo prides itself of having the best brains; we thrive on technological innovations. We love challenges we love to solve puzzles. If you’re looking for a work environment that is rewarding, and that pushes you within your limits, then join us today.

Say What:

Our services are hinged on customer satisfaction, what we promise is what we deliver. We are looking to hire the best brains, the most creative and self-driven ones.

E-Commerce Specialist – Job Description;

  • As the ecommerce specialist, you’ll be responsible for the day to day operations of the website, as well as driving sales.
  • You’ll also need to be very conversant with the latest and most effective SEO tips and strategies; you’ll use these to attract more traffic to our site.
  • Your input will also be required to help ensure that the content on the site is fresh and compelling. You’ll also help advance promotional strategies.
  • The ecommerce specialist will be in charge of driving sales by use of email lists.
  • A keen understanding of the online ecommerce trends is an added advantage.

What We Expect From You;

  • You’ll be expected to have all web commerce related practices at your fingertips.
  • We also expect you to be someone who is entrepreneurial by nature, someone who can smell a business opportunity when they spot one, and go for it.
  • This position also calls for someone who has strong customer care skills, someone courteous and who can work under pressure.
  • Experience in an ecommerce business is a bonus; you should also be a fast learner, someone who can analyze market data and come up with appropriate ad effective ecommerce strategies.

Focus is on you;

  • As the ecommerce specialist, you’ll need to be acquainted with the latest digital marketing and SEO strategies.
  • You must also make use of social media platforms to reach out, and engage potential clients on the site.
  • The ecommerce specialist ought to be someone good at record keeping, capable of keeping good reports of the performance of the site after every few months or so.
  • An ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines is going to help you cope with the demands of the job. However, you’ll always work as part of a team.

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