Paid Marketing Manager

Love TO Work At ClickDo;

We achieve what we set our eyes on, we believe that technology is a tool we can always rely on to help clients and brands achieve their objectives. Are you result oriented, do you love to work your way out of puzzles and challenges? Then ClickDo needs you today, we need people like you to work for us!

Say What;

ClickDo boasts of a young dynamic team of tech savvy professionals, we work independently but towards achieving the same objectives. We are constantly looking for creative and self-driven brains to add to our pool.

Paid Marketing Manager – Job Description;

  • ClidkDo strongly believes in the power of pay per clicks, and other strategies for paid marketing.
  • Therefore, you’ll basically be expected to help advance and expand the inbound marketing campaigns initiated. You’ll also need to create these paid marketing strategies, and come up with realistic goals and targets.
  • There are dashboards that are vendor specific, which you’ll need to use to optimize and measure the marketing efforts.
  • The paid marketing manager will also need to stay abreast with the latest digital marketing strategies and tips, and always ensure that we are ahead of our competitors.
  • You will also be responsible for creating and crafting landing pages, and the content we’ll need to post across the various paid platforms.

What We Expect From You;

  • You must have exceptional communication skills, someone capable of convincing clients to try our services. You’ll need to be particularly close with vendors to bargain a fair cost for the company.
  • You should possess a good grasp of the different methods and channels used in paid marketing and paid searches. Knowledge on social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, to mention but a few.
  • Prior experience in online marketing or paid marketing is a huge bonus. You’ll also be expected to work under minimal supervision to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Focus is on you;

  • Paid marketing is usually a continuous process; you’re thus expected to have the patience and zeal to keep up the momentum even when results haven’t started trickling in.
  • You must have an eye for detail; al content that we post on the paid channels will have to pass by you for approval. Ensure that the content is fresh, and compelling before dispensing it out there.
  • You shall also constantly check all content before posting it on social media, to ensure that it is fresh, informative, and capable of eliciting attention and interest from our fans.
  • We will always be by your side during the paid marketing campaign; you’ll be kept on your toes, deadlines will have to be met, but you’ll never be pushed beyond your abilities.

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