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SEO Account Manager in London – Job Description;

As the Search Engine Optimization Accounts Manager, your main duty will be to liaise with clients directly even as you manage accounts of the search marketing campaign. You’ll be under the direct supervision of the Director of Search Marketing. Prior SEO experience and skills are mandatory; experience in PPC is an added advantage. You’ll be responsible for monitoring all accounts assigned to you, from their inception till expiry. The SEO Accounts manager will also constantly engage clients, arrange meetings with them, or conduct conference calls where necessary.

You’ll be expected to develop technical recommendations as well as keyword strategies, and also cooperate on any link building efforts initiated for accounts assigned to you.

The essence of your role is to help client’s website improve, and get ranked higher up; thus once modifications have been made to the website, it’ll be for you to monitor the results and make any necessary improvements. Again, here you’ll be expected to update the client of the improvements on their site, and also suggest to them the “next steps” going forward.

What We Expect From You;
  • Meeting clients in order to establish their goals and objectives, in relation to search marketing. We prefer clients looking for ‘organic’ search campaigns although once in a while, there may be objectives revolving around PPC components.
  • Based on the client’s goals and objectives, you’ll be expected to come up with a search marketing strategy and make recommendations on how to achieve them.
  • Come up with a coherent framework to implement the search marketing strategy, and with a clear timeline. At times you’ll need to closely work with existing Web designers in order to implement the recommended changes.
  • Lastly, you’ll keep close watch, track, monitor, and report on the progress of the search marketing campaigns assigned to you.

The Focus Is On You;

Our greatest strength and source of success lies in the people we hire; we’re always looking for the best. While an impressive academic record matters to us, we also like an individual with a sharp and innovative mind, someone who can boldly confront and solve complex challenges.

When you join us, we give you ‘your’ space in order to deliver. We’ll appreciate and recognize your input, and go ahead to provide personalized training tailored just for you. This training and cooperation remains during the entire duration you work for us. However, there are times assignments and tasks will push you to your limits, you’ll be challenged to perform at your optimum best; yet, we are supportive, and you’ll always be working as a team, never alone!

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