Social Media Manager

Love TO Work At ClickDo;

At ClickDo, we believe in the power of social media to drive sales and enhance profitability. We believe in the power of social media to capture leads; if you have a passion for conversing, replying to what people have to say, then you can earn money working for us! 

Say What;

We see opportunities and seize them, we believe in the power of people and the online community; join us today for an interesting role as a social media manager.

Social Media Manager – Job Description;

  • As the Social media manager, you’ll be directly responsible for ClickDo’s social media marketing. This includes building awareness for brands we are marketing, posting fresh content constantly, and even targeting sales leads.
  • Backlinks, and sharing of related URL links on our social media pages will be your responsibility
  • You’ll also be responsible for posting blogs, sharing them, and basically promoting them online.
  • Social media marketing is a continuous process, and you’ll thus be expected to work closely with the rest to achieve the long term results.
  • You’ll need to brainstorm and compare your progress with other marketers at ClickDo, in order to evaluate what strategies are working, and what you can improve on.
  • You must also ensure that all content, images, and graphics posted on our social media pages is compelling enough, and capable of generating plenty of likes and sales leads.

What We Expect From You as Social Media Marketing Manager;

  • Be creative, tech savvy, and with a passion for following what’s trending in the online community.
  • You shall also be someone who can work for long hours, with little or no supervision at all.
  • Possessing a degree in sales, marketing, advertizing, or even IT is an added advantage. However, academic qualifications must be coupled by a natural passion for social media, and love for trending topics and stories online.
  • Also, we’ll expect you to strive to expand the company’s fan base, and get more people to follow us on our social media pages

Focus is on you;

  • As the social media manager, you’ll have to be online for long, acquainting yourself with consumer tastes and preferences.
  • Having an active twitter handle, sharing links on our Facebook page; these are things you’ll have to love doing whether on weekdays, weekends, at night, day time, all the time!
  • You shall also constantly check all content before posting it on social media, to ensure that it is fresh, informative, and capable of eliciting attention and interest from our fans.
  • Like mentioned, social media marketing requires long term strategies; you’ll thus set your own goals and targets, which must be achieved within the agreed time frame.

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