Virtual SEO Analyst

Love TO Work At ClickDo;

At ClickDo, we are innovative; we use trends and analysis to make tomorrow’s business decisions. If you have a knack for analyzing SEO trends and patterns, then we urgently require you as part of our virtual SEO analysts. 

Say What;

Do you wish to work for a top SEO consultancy company, and do it from the comfort of your home city or town? You have an eye for SEO trends and patterns? ClickDo needs you.

Virtual SEO Analyst  – Job Description;

  • As a virtual SEO analyst, you’ll be responsible for researching, monitoring, and taking note of the shifting SEO trends. Your analysis will be used by the digital marketers, web developers, and basically by everyone involved in SEO tasks.
  • You’ll work closely with the Director of SEO, to ensure that we are always ahead and up to date with our SEO services.
  • Part of SEO analysis includes checking on our competitors whose sites are ranked top and seeing what skills and tricks they have employed.
  • Likewise, Google and other search engines keep revising the factors they consider when ranking sites; you’ll need to constantly and thoroughly acquaint yourself with these trends.
  • You may be required to study and take note of the SEO trends within your city or area; ClickDo is constantly seeking to expand its SEO services beyond the UK and as such, your SEO analysis will come in handy.

What We Expect From You;

  • Be responsible and self driven; possess the ability to work under little or no supervision.
  • Be a good record keeper; all your SEO analysis and trends should be carefully stored, and available for reference if need be. We’ll need to keep comparing and contrasting the SEO trends every few months.
  • As a virtual SEO analyst, it will be for you to update us with a correct and factual SEO analysis report of your city or town; this is especially so if we want to know how the search engines rank the top sites in your area.
  • You must always work closely with the web developers and designers, ensuring that they incorporate your analysis and advice, when designing sites for clients.

Focus is on you;

  • SEO analysis is the secret weapon that all SEO and Digital Marketing companies use to roll out their services and objectives.
  • Therefore, this role will require you to be a quick thinker; your analysis and decisions will have far reaching impacts on the company.
  • The virtual SEO analyst will be expected to constantly update and acquaint themselves with the latest trends and patterns in SEO. From proper keyword usage, to generating the right kind of content, to use of long titles, images and audio, etc.
  • You’re expected to work closely as a team, and compare notes with another SEO analyst to ensure that you’re reading from the same script.
  • There are times you’ll find yourself working under pressure, and strict deadlines; but you’ll always have some reliable team players to consult and liaise with if need be.

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