Beautyfini Salon

Beautyfini Salon

  • Date:

    13th July 2017

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  • Services:

    Website development & SEO

  • Status:

    Completed successfully

  • Website:

ClickDo initially created and designed this beauty client’s first website for their Office Nails Beauty Salon in Canary Wharf, London.

After the success of it ranking higher on Google and gaining more clicks, Tom, the beauty salon owner, approached ClickDo again to have another website developed for his second salon Beautyfini.

We basically incorporated the same principles on both websites, however tried to make each very unique and specific to what the client expected. If you compare both you can clearly see that despite them being run by the same owner both web designs are distinctively unique, containing unique elements helping with SEO and conversions.

Below you can see the mock-up web design that Kasun established for our London web design team to develop.

The website ranks higher on the first page of for many keywords such as “nail salon canary wharf” and “beauty salon canary wharf”, which are two of the most searched for buyer terms for the salon.

As we explain in our online SEO training bespoke and mobile friendly websites are the best for SEO as Google ranks them well.

On our web design London blog we explain in more detail how tailor made websites can help your small business succeed in London by getting more traffic and attention.

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