Matt Gingell

Matt Gingell

  • Date:

    13th October 2017

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  • Services:

    Website development & SEO

  • Status:

    Completed successfully

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Matt Gingell first took an SEO training course with Fernando at our ClickDo Canary Wharf office. After that, he was so impressed with our SEO skills that he wanted us to change his current website, which started out as a blog first, and turn it into an SEO improved web presence ranking for the keywords “employment lawyer London”.

If you search for these terms on Google now you’ll find this website ranking on the first page.

Kasun developed the design together with Nuwan who incorporated the microelements and all the on-page SEO elements Fernando had researched and established.

As you can see the client himself plays a key role in the web development and we took all his ideas and visions on board.

If you are interested in knowing how bespoke websites can help your SEO, you can check our London web design services website.

And if you wish to gain more SEO skills, then check our local SEO blueprint that covers all the advanced SEO tips and services.

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