Quick wasters new website design and development

Quick Wasters Web Services

  • Date:

    January 24th 2014

  • Industry:

    Rubbish Removal

  • Services:

    SEO & Website Development

  • Status:

    Currently our longest served project

  • Website:


Our Quick Wasters project was our first ever SEO services project we managed after Fernando met with Mr. Ruwan back in 2014. Both parties agreed to improve local SEO results on Google for the Quick Wasters website and you can read the old case study for reference.

After years of working with Quick Waters this year we built them a mobile responsive website that loads fast and helps with the conversions. https://www.quickwasters.co.uk/

Kasun Sameera designed it and Madhura Darshana and Nuwan Perera together worked on the development and coding of the website.

Their current website is mobile responsive and each element supports their SEO performance. Micro data was added and it’s greatly helping with attracting the organic traffic as Google bots prefer it.

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