Vinit Solutions Website

Vinit Solutions Website

  • Date:

    27th March 2018

  • Industry:

    Money Exchange

  • Services:

    Website development & SEO

  • Status:

    Completed succesfully

  • Website:

Designing and developing the was a great experience for all of us at ClickDo.

Kasun did the mockup design for the website and we had to change it several times for the client’s needs. Finally, we came up with what they wanted and it’s an amazing website we all are proud to display at our Web Design London labs.

We designed the below mock-up and got the client’s approval before developing it on WordPress. Nuwan did the development work and worked closely with the client’s teams on each aspect fo the website development.

What we had to keep in mind when building Vinit Solutions?

As the website was ranking for many buyer keywords in their niche (SEO wasn’t done by us and some other agency had done it in the past) we had to be very careful about when moving the newly done website to the domain.

So Madhura was involved in moving the website to the live domains and it was done smoothly.

There was done delay in connecting some inner pages, however, because we moved the website on a late evening there wasn’t any effect for the traffic to the website.

Normally when we are moving websites to live domains after building we try to move it overnight, when traffic is the lowest.

We are so proud that we can build this new website for Vinit Solutions as they are the leading currency exchange software provider in the UK.

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