Dental Marketing Services Client Reporting Case Study

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If you are an dentist reading this blog, then you should have already know the importance of online marketing for your dental clinic. Here in this we have shared one of the dental marketing services client reporting which we do every week. This case study will help you understand how Digital Marketing consultants at ClickDo work closely with the clients, identify their requirements and deliver the best.

In this blog, we are going to see one of our dental niche client who has clinics in two locations namely Leicester and Corby. Ideally, we need to target the users only from these two locations. We do both SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads for the dental niche clients at ClickDo. You can check out the Google Ads Case Study for Dentist at and the SEO Case Study for the Dentist at

In this blog, we are going to see how our Facebook Marketing consultants at ClickDo have helped the dental niche client to get more online reach for their treatments in the two specified locations Corby & Leicester. Below is the reporting from our Dental Marketing team to the client about the One Week Facebook Marketing Campaigns performance.

As per the client requirement, we are focusing mainly on the three treatments like Dental Implants, Invisalign and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Location: Corby

Dental Implant Ads

We have spent £6.99 in the past week and have received 114 link clicks to our dental implants ads.

dental marketing client case study
dental marketing facebook ads

Invisalign Ads

We have received £6.99 and have received 37 link clicks to our Invisalign ads.

dental marketing client reporting
dental marketing report for client

Cosmetic Dentistry Ads

We have spent £6.99 and have received 59 clicks to our Cosmetic Dentistry Ads.

cosmetic dentistry facebook ads
facebook ads reporting for dental client

So this is reporting from our team for one of the location’s Corby. This is how we report to the client each week with the campaigns performance, so client will be well aware of how the campaigns are performing.

We share everything with the client and maintain the transparency as that will help us to deliver the best. Above data is just the performance of one of the campaigns and still there are multiple campaigns running in both Facebook & Google for this dental niche client.

Running ads and landing traffic to the clients site is not the only task for us. We take care of conversions and we do proper research in Google Analytics and will track how these users from the ads and other sources interact with the website. Based on that, our consultants will optimize the landing page to increase the conversion rate.

Below image is the user’s source devices of the above mentioned client,

dental marketing client report

So when we look in to this data closely, we can infer that most of the traffic to the website is from the mobile devices than the desktop devices. Hence we should make sure that the landing page is very mobile friendly and responsive for better conversions.

So this is just an example of how our consultants will closely work with client right from landing the potential users to the website from different sources and converting them.

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