Orthodontist SEO Case Study: Building The #1 Orthodontist Brand in London, UK

The orthodontist industry is one of the most competitive industries on the UK search engines. Hundreds of SEO agencies and SEO consultants plays in this industry with their clients websites. However the ClickDo search engine optimization consultants successfully achieved the tops ranks on the SERP’s for our clients.

In this case study we will talk about the Angel Orthodontics website, that we developed and designed from scratch before starting the SEO work. That was back in the 2014 december and we completed the site to start the SEO by February 2015. So it’s been over a good 20 months journey by now. However by late 2015 we did ranked the Angel Orthodontics on top 3 spots and eventually it moved to the top spot. You can see the review and happiness of Dr. Fariba Banaie on the home page of ClickDo or on the client reviews page or simple watch it below:

So you can see the feedback and the joy when going about ranking for terms like “orthodontist London” and even for just “orthodontist” also we even worked out to rank for terms like “orthodontist near me” which is very high end buyer term, that people in London have started to use on teh search engines.

Also the best part of our search engine optimization work is that, we have managed to get the site links beneath the www.angelorthodontics.co.uk by this time (15.11.2016). This is an extremely competitive money niche in London, UK. See below how the Angel Orthodontics website appears for “orthodontist London”


Having the site links appearing like that, is the pinnacles for any website’s SEO. However it takes time and perfectly done, authority digital marketing skills. That’s what we do at ClickDo, it takes time, but our content marketing strategies and social SEO is focused to get optimal results for website owners that has the patience to build authority sites.

At ClickDo that’s what the CEO – Fernando always encourages and he has done that even on the digital marketing’s most competitive industry > SEO

Further more if you just search for “Orthodontist” on www.google.co.uk while based in London, you should search teh below pagew with rich snippets.


Having those rich snippets helps the CTR, howevers that’s something search engines should really trust to give it to appear.

What else are the best keywords in the Ortho niche in London, UK?

You can see some of the terms below:


Above are just few of the keywords from the orthodontist SEO campaigns and there are many more terms that helps in driving daily organic traffic to the website. Now let;s looks what like the traffic during the last two years and how it has grew by now to enjoy the peaks.


That;s just a one month’s traffic to the site, which is over 4500 uniques per month, not bad right from organic search?

Now Let;s looks at what’s like the traffic to the site back in early 2015 to 14th November 2016.


You can see how the traffic to the site has gradually grew over the months/years and still showing a upward spiral.

You must be thinking how this was done? The answer is by building a brand, that search engine loves and gives the optimal performance and mobile friendliness. Test the site on Google mobile friendly test and you will see the below:


That’s the master level web skills by Kasun Sameera at ClickDo Ltd. He did this website by him self from start to finish, Kasun is by far teh world’s greatest > best web design/developer as of now. He has some blessing power to bless the sites he does 🙂

After all this, it comes to building an authentic brand for teh local business in London, which we’ve done perfectly. You can see how he Angel Orthodontics brand appears on the search engine.


The first step, we start building a brand is the perfectly done mobile friendly website and then the Google business page creation and verifying the business. That’s the starting point and without that, the journey wouldn’t reach it’s pinnacles.

With that being said, a lot of content marketing and search engine optimization techniques were used to reach the ranks. If you are an orthodontist in UK or an SEO agency, consultant who wish to get advice, do get in touch with Fernando for seo consultancy.