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About Google Ads

As everyone is aware, Google is known to be the go to place for all the internet users around the world to find any information, book any service or buy any product. Right from buying cosmetics to medicines, Users around the world depend more on Google Search Engine.

Google Ads is one of the best way to drive more potential traffic to your business website from the Google Search results.

If you are business owner in London, Its must for you to make sure that your business website is in front of the right audience on the Internet. This can be achieved by using several digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, etc.

At ClickDo, you can find all kind of online marketing services under one place and now we are proud to share the ClickDo is now Google AdWords Certified Partner.

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About Google AdWords Partner Program

Google Partners is a advertising program offered by Google for the digital marketing agencies around the world who manage/run AdWords campaigns on behalf of others business (clients business). Having Google Partner Certified will help the PPC agencies to get more access to the advertising tools of Google with more educational insights and support.

Not all the agencies are eligible for becoming a Google Partner. Only the PPC agencies who meet certain requirements are eligible.

The Criteria for becoming a Google Partner may include the following,

  • Agency should maintain the AdWords optimization score 70% or above for their clients.
  • PPC Agency should have spent at least $10,000 in the last 90 day’s time in Google Ads for their clients/businesses.
  • PPC Consultants who manage the account should be Google Ads Certified.

Only the agencies who reach all the above mentioned criteria are eligible to become a Google Ads Partner.

ClickDo – Google AdWords Certified Partner

There are many PPC Agencies in London and we ClickDo always take one step forward to stand ahead and unique from others with our best digital marketing services.

At ClickDo, our PPC Consultants work closely with the clients businesses to make sure that they get most out of the Google Ads from their marketing budget. ClickDo have spent thousands of £ each month on Google Ads and driven maximum conversions to the clients.

As ClickDo have delivered the best with ads optimization score and the other factors, Google have certified ClickDo as the Certified Google Ads Partner recently.

Here is our Google Verified & Approved Partner link –

Below is the ClickDo’s Google Partner Badge

Benefits of Google Partner

As ClickDo is now the Google’s AdWords Partner, We at ClickDo will have the more privileged access to the resources from Google

, product certifications, quick support from Google Ads specialized team, etc. On top of all, Promotional offers allow you us give new clients’ advertising budgets a boost with free, monetary credits that are automatically applied to eligible accounts.

ClickDo – Best PPC Agency in London

At ClickDo, Our PPC Consultants have worked closely with many niches in London and have delivered the best results for our clients.

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Below are some of our Google AdWords case studies which you can check out to get an idea about our works,

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Google Ads for Cleaning Company –

Google Ads for Dental Clinic –

Google Ads for Payroll Services –

Google Ads for Photography Studio –

Google Ads for Interior Design Company –

Google Ads for Jewellery Shop –

For the complete list of SEO & Google Ads case study, check out –


If you need any insights with SEO or Google Ads for your business, you can email us at to book a consultation.


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