Business Videography: Importance of storytelling for business via videos done by Boštjan Belingar


Video is one of the most unique and universal media tools available to business. Business videography is becoming widely accessible to all sized of business and is incredibly efficent in the day of the web.

Business videography accessibility

Shooting a video used to be associated with a team of professionals, with big cameras, lights and massive productions lights. Like most things, videography and video production has changed rapidly with new technologies.

Cameras are now small devices capable of shooting high quality HD videos and the editing happens from laptops from any locations. This results in the profession being accessible to more people and the costs of video production have gone down enormously. Videography is affordable to most businesses and even early stage startups.

The benefits of business videography

In the age of the internet, websites and content producers are competing for the attention of the web users like never before. Your website has to maintain the attention of the visitor.

While text remains the easiest way to consume information, it’s not entertaining and it can be tough to get people engaging with text contents, so video provides a perfect solution to get your message out. Another benefit is the fact that a video is understood and preferred by most demographics – from juniors to seniors.

The internet still remains full of spam, false websites and malware. Some people would never shop online, for instance. No matter what’s your sector, not only you must have a website, but you also need to create strong trust in your business online. This of course is easier said than done – but a video can do this very effectively.

Would you trust your dental health to a random website you found while Googling online, or would you rather go with the dentistry in the video below? Produced by ClickDo:

Research shows that videos are better perceived and watched on mobiles than on desktop computers. With the internet increasingly being browsed from mobile devices, this gives you the opportunity to catch the full attention and make visitors volunteer to watch a video about your business!

If you go ahead and dig deep into the video marketing world, you will find your marketing campaign to produce may entertaining video contents. This will not only increase your brand awareness and create positive emotions in association with your brand, but also generate solid leads for you.

People are increasingly using YouTube as a search engine – it’s the second most used search engine on the internet. With 3 billion search queries a month, you can be sure your services, products and your business, will reach the people who are searching for it.

Videos are for everyone

Business videography is not just for niche specific, interesting services. It can be for anything – the point is to create trust and entertainment to then associate these emotions with your brand. A good vidographer will take any boring product or service and find a way to put it in an exciting light. Just think of any Coca-cola advert on the TV.

Creating trust and awarness of a corporate brand is the purpose of an advertisement and companies are spending millions on it. The costs however are going down and you too can create interesting videos about your brand and see people engaging with them online.

ClickDo has served small businesses for their web marketing for years and we are now also offering business videography for businesses across the UK. With a wast of experience in the field, our team will create a story about your business, build the trust and close the sales.


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