The ‘Work From Home’ Business Model Explained

Setting up your business from home is a form of ‘remote work’, which is the ability to work from anywhere outside the office where you are tied up for a 9-5 routine. Conducting your business remotely from home by meeting work-related task objectives gives you ultimate freedom and is quickly becoming a rising norm all across the globe.

Advancements in technology have set the stage for new realities and possibilities within this new-age business model, providing many opportunities for those looking to work remotely. With an internet connection, personal discipline, and some polishing up, you can comfortably pay your bills working from your home.

This new phenomenon has birthed a new crop of entrepreneurs known as ‘digital nomads’. As long as they have a stable and reliable broadband connection, a digital nomad will work, meet deadlines, and deliver results.

The convenience of remote working is gaining popularity not just for its flexible prospects, but also for the benefits offices and companies reap:

  • Companies are increasingly seeking to minimize their office rent and operation costs. Having employees willing to work remotely is a great way of doing just that.
  • Employees deliver better results when left to work freely without supervision or being monitored.
  • Businesses and employers have every reason to hire remote workers, as there are limitless opportunities out there regardless of whether you’re working for your employer or starting your own business.

By assessing the tested and proven prospects of generating a sustainable long-term revenue stream by adopting effective online marketing methods, we will uncover how working from home in today’s digital age can pave the way for various online opportunities affording you a steady income from the comfort of your couch.

Unlocking the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: A Guide to Remote Work, Workcations & Skills Paying Bills

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The Value of Learning Digital Marketing Skills Online

During his extensive reading and research on the subject, Fernando soon realised that acquiring digital marketing skills is the most vital prerequisite to earning while working from home on his terms.

There are so many reasons why you need to learn different cyber marketing skills ranging from being able to start your blog or website to gaining knowledge about how internet marketing works.

Fernando enjoys reading books and blogs with titles such as:

  • “Laptop Lifestyle Millionaire”
  • “Ways to Earn at Home”
  • “How to Make Passive Income”
  • “Blogging Techniques that can Help to Make Money”

Everything he’s read thus far made him realise that there is a high demand for digital skills, and if he could learn them well, he could get paid to provide them as a service to others. Or he could even build his online empire as many others have done before him – see how some bloggers became millionaires with their websites here.

What is Passive Income?

When looking at ways to make money online without getting entrapped by pesky time-wasting ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, Fernando was always curious about whether some methods are legitimate and sustainable. He wanted to enter the digital economy and build something long-lasting, as every moment spent should help future earnings.

“So many different ideas popped up when I searched online for how to earn cash from home, but many didn’t impress me. They sounded like scams. I was interested in low-cost ways to get started with no investment needed to enter.”

On his research online working journey, Fernando quickly gravitated towards the idea of passive income and how influencers like Pat Flynn use their Smart Passive Income blog to give it a definitive meaning. He discusses this in more depth in the video on the right.

How to learn Digital Skills with ClickDo & SeekaHost University for Free

How to Make Money Online Interview with Digital Nomads

Easy Ways of Earning Passive Income Working Online from Home

1.     Internet Research & Surveys

A simple way to make good money is by surfing the internet in your spare time or filling out online surveys. By adding the site Qmee to your browser and clicking on a search result, you can earn money – it’s just that simple. Like Clickworker, you can also earn cash for taking Qmee surveys and sharing your opinions on brands.

Other survey sites include SurveyBods, Survey Junkie, and Valued Opinions.

2.     Becoming a Virtual Assistant

In the fast-paced world of online business operations, anyone and everyone could use a helping hand. That is where being a virtual assistant comes in. If you’re highly organized and can properly manage your time, helping others complete tasks can earn you an hourly amount of up to £12 per hour from home.

You can find work opportunities as a virtual assistant using popular web and business software applications and sites like and Be sure to employ proficient communication skills and fluency in English when browsing through posted jobs to place your bids.

Virtual assistants are also widely sought after on sites like Elance, Virtalent, and Zirtual.

3.     Property Rentals

These days, if you own land or private property, you can rent the space out to tenants directly from your home – this even includes renting out your own parking lot. That’s right, you can literally turn your driveway into a way to make money from home. The same applies to any extra storage space you have.

Online platforms like Stashbee make it easy to get bookings for either, no matter where in the UK you live. This kind of income is preferable because it doesn’t take too much effort. Stashbee handles the process, and you merely focus on hitting your earnings target each month.

make money uk

Best Ways To Make Money Online In The UK: Tips by the #1 SEO Consultant & the Backpack Millionaire

More Intricate Ways For Skilled Individuals to Earn Money Working From Home in the UK

money tips

Helping local business owners in the UK with their digital marketing and anything they need to grow their business online is fundamental because you can help them get what they want and get paid in return for doing the work.

What puts this source of income in a league of its own is how you can execute various digital practices from the comfort of your home.

With over 5.6 million registered companies currently in operation in the UK today, what binds productivity with their business dealings lies in the high demand for beneficial online services that you are more than capable of delivering from home.

In his ‘how-to’ guide on making money by employing various digital skills from your home to meet this growing demand in the UK, Fernando and the ClickDo team have listed sustainable online earning ventures that skilled individuals can take a digital dive right into today – so keep on reading!

money tips

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers make money by earning a commission each time they refer someone to a given product. For instance, if you have a website, blog or YouTube channel used as a platform to recommend certain products, the product manufacturer gives you a commission when visitors click on your shared link and proceed to make a purchase.

The marketing process begins when you and the brand affiliate you’re collaborating with agree on the percentage you’ll earn for every click or successful purchase.

As an intermediary online connector between the audience you’re building and the products and services they need to succeed, affiliate marketing allows you to supplement your income and possibly make a full-time income from your recommendations.

The increasing demand for curation makes this passive income-earning method work. It allows you to utilize the digisphere as a virtual mouthpiece to echo your personal experiences with the best brands and products for online users to consider buying and using.

Essentially, through affiliate marketing, you can help prospective online customers filter the online noise with your punchy packaged understanding of all the options at their disposal, ultimately saving consumers time when receiving various services online – this is what gets you paid.

Creating an online platform garnering a steadily increasing flow of followers and visitors isn’t an easy feat and may take some time to bloom. However, if developed effectively, you have the benefit of reaping the financial rewards in the long run.


Get started with a Website for Affiliate Marketing!

Most affiliate marketers have a blog or website alongside their social networks that they utilize for affiliate marketing, so start a blog or website today! It’s easy by going through this guide first to then get online!

2. Online Blogging

Blogs are fundamental digital assets that can be used in many different ways to make money online and, being one of the best ways to earn a passive income, successful blogs require eager developers to plant the seed now to enjoy the harvest later. Once that blog gets going, income-generating becomes a breeze.

Starting your own blog and simply producing more content to line up more offers will see your blog grow in popularity, awarding your platform online visibility to attract top talent willing to write for you.

We encourage you to start a blog and apply your writing and SEO skills to it in the process. When you have a blog that becomes more visible on search engines over time, it’s easy for people to find you on the web. Also, when you email local business owners asking if you can help, they see your website you have built and start trusting you more.

Fernando’s blog helped him get clients and, on this ClickDo website, he even ranked for “freelance SEO consultant London” and “WordPress training courses” by using keywords where he found people offering to pay him for his help.

From sharing 20 ways of making money blogging for beginners to divulging why starting a personal blog is helpful, our ClickDo Team is passionate about blogging and has published many guides about creating a blog for monetization.

We recommend that you head over to the SeekaHost University for the expert Ultimate Blogging Course and Blog For Profits Blueprint courses created by ClickDo experts to get the ball rolling on building blogs that grow and enable you to generate an income from them.

Since there are so many ways you can start working at home, we always advise people in the UK to only get started with genuine and suitable ways you can scale. Nothing beats getting paid directly into your bank account or online via PayPal and other digital money transfer platforms.

If you’re still not convinced that online blogging is a viable way of earning money from home, perhaps our list of the UK’s top 100 bloggers will inspire you to steer your opinion in the right direction.

With the overall objective of inviting an audience of users to follow or subscribe to your page, the cherry on top here is that creating an account for yourself on these platforms is free, with a few others offering pricing packages at low costs.

On Fernando’s blog, he shares his knowledge and insights on a range of globally inclusive digital ventures ranging from the best ways to make money online in Nigeria to 101 online business ideas in India for beginners.

As course instructors at the SeekaHost University, Manuela and Fernando have published many guides offering you a wealth of inspiration covering various insights like how students in India can make money online or the best side hustles to start earning online.

Ideally, Fernando’s goal is for everyone to learn digital skills that they can use to build whatever they dream of on the internet and why digital skills are the gateway to making money online from home.

Depending on how they’re managed, on average, successful bloggers can earn well over £5 million per year, with some of the highest-earning blogs including:

Inspired? Then get started with a blog no matter what you know and can do.

Start a Blog to generate a passive income online!


Discover how you can easily & quickly start a blog!

Explore how you can make $1000 on the side with blogging and go through the step by step guide of how to start a blog and do SEO.

How To Start A Blog & Do SEO Step By Step ClickDo Guide

3. Guest Blogging & Guest Posting

With popular websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia harbouring an impressive number of monthly visits reaching the billions, for your website or blog to meet profitable outcomes, you will need a minimum of 1,000 visitors each month to help earn you a passive income through guest blogging and guest posting.

This too is not all that simple to achieve and will require a great deal of effort and patience on your part plus a good understanding of SEO.

So, if you’re new to guest blogging and guest posting then you should get support with identifying the most suitable websites and link placements to achieve the best outcomes for increasing website traffic. We publish guest posts from business owners, marketers, bloggers, content writers and SEO consultants on over 300 UK and international publications for people looking to get their content published on the premium blogs we’ve built over time or that we partner with.

We encourage you to read up on different guest posting networks for SEO and digital marketing for more insights. You may also find private blog networks and how you can generate passive income online helpful on your ‘work from home’ business journey.

Also, by following our guest blogging & guest posting guide to optimizing your SEO marketing outcomes, you can uncover what makes for an effective guest blog/post and adapt the steps to your blog or website.

Most visited websites worldwide - see what's possible!


4. Advertising, Sponsorships & Social Media Marketing

Whether you have a solid social media following or a tight-knit online community of digital devotees, sponsored partnerships develop with the premise of growing consumer brands willing to pay you to advertise their products by posting about them on your feed.

The opportunity here lies in leveraging your online presence as an attractive business model. By driving clicks to your online platform (i.e., website, blog, or social media pages) consisting of compelling content, you can monetize that content by setting up sponsored posts from brands that appeal to your followers.

One of the most effective and easiest ways of reaping the rewards of passive income generation in today’s online generation is via social media.

Due to the rapid expansion of social media, businesses are increasingly interested in outsourcing certain services to help increase their exposure and boost their marketability potential – that’s where you come in.

Building a successful social media management business online allows you to charge a sizable monthly fee for each client to help manage their social media.

This is a great way for highly active social media users to start with and the best part of applying this practice lies in your ability to carry it out from home. Furthermore, the extent of your page’s growth is limitless, ultimately providing you with opportunities to generate sponsored posts as marketing material designed to drive more traffic to your page and its content.

Also, utilizing helpful social media automation tools like SocialPilot, ContentStudio, and HootSuite will definitely come in handy when managing and scheduling your content.

You can easily earn a full-time income by performing the tasks underpinned by this online job either by doing it for your own business as Fernando does it or by offering social media management services to others.

Businesses like ClickDo have several social media accounts on different platforms and posting the right and most engaging content with videos, images, blog posts and more is not as easy as it may look hence why many will pay for a social media manager who takes full control over it.

Marketing a Brand is a recognised Art that can be paid well!


How Social Media Helps with SEO & Branding explained by the #1 SEO Consultant

5. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Also known as branded content or working with creators, influencer marketing is a great way to expand the reach of your brand via social media.

As simple as it sounds, an influencer is someone who possesses the power of online influence towards others. With celebrity endorsements being the original form of influencer marketing, these days, any influential person can collaborate with a brand to promote something.

Digital word-of-mouth marketing via social media has emerged as a top strategy for bolstering effective brand awareness.

The steps required to formulate effective social media influencer marketing outcomes include:

  1. Determining Your Online Objectives: Think about how your influencer marketing campaign will fit into your broader social media marketing strategy and create measurable goals you can report on and track.
  2. Knowing Your Audience: Regardless of whether you’re trying to reach more of your current audience or an entirely new audience, developing an audience persona is a great way to make sure you understand who you’re trying to reach.
  3. Understanding and Complying with Rules & Regulations: In the UK, for example, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigated “hidden advertising” on Instagram and pressed parent company Facebook to commit to changes that make disclosure easier and more clear.
  4. Understanding the 3 R’s of Influence: Relevance, Reach, and Resonance.
  5. Utilizing Influencer Marketing Tools: Leaning on digital marketing tools like Hootsuite makes it easier for you to connect with the online community and monitor conversations relevant to your industry:

Latching onto developments introduced by the digitized age of smartphones, tablets, blogs, and social media, marketing via word of mouth has evolved and adapted to meet the demand of online consumers of today.

Representing or promoting a brand via your social media platform not only develops trust. It creates long-term value, which builds your brand’s reputation and credibility. This subsequently generates a platform to earn profit for your professional business as a social media influencer.

Due to the growing popularity of social media, earning money from selling products online as an influencer has never been this easy. Harnessing over one billion active users, Instagram has become a powerful sales machine for influencers, brands and digital creators.

Online consumers today crave authenticity and are more trusting of peer recommendations from the opinion leaders they follow who can consistently suggest the best products and services. For influencers, this presents opportunities to make money on Instagram.

No matter how many followers you have, there are proven ways to monetize your Instagram account. For starters, it’s important to pick a popular and profitable niche that helps attract followers, boost user engagement, and gradually grow your revenue over time.

Being a trusted and established Influencer can pay handsomely!


7 Influencer Platforms You Need To Know

Check out our Guides for Influencer Marketing!

As there are many social media platforms nowadays that can be utilized by influencers, you can learn more about effective marketing strategies on each of them with our guides:

Instagram Marketing Guide

Facebook Marketing Guide

Twitter Marketing Guide

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key strategy that lets you reach out to a targeted audience via email to promote your products and services.

Whether your emails are about an upcoming sale, a new launch, a special offer or anything related to your business, the main objective is to create brand awareness, build loyalty, and maintain long-term trust by reaching out to consumers and prospective clients via email:

A combination of writing and marketing skills and familiarity with various automation tools are essential for effectively carrying out this online passive income practice from home.

Again, you’ll need to create content and copy that converts using emails and many use email marketing tools to make it more effective with builders helping one to add in media in eye-catching ways. Plus these tools offer analytics and features to make an email marketing campaign a success.

5 Best Email Marketing Software in 2022 (16 Services Reviewed)

7. Sell Products & Services

By selling or ‘flipping’ retail products that you find at cut-rate prices elsewhere, you can crunch the numbers by arbitraging the difference in your purchase and sale prices, resulting in the growing development of a following of individuals who are able to track your deals.

In addition to developing and selling your own products and services through your digital platforms, there is also profitability potential to earn money online by taking advantage of online sales platforms like:

  1. Shopify: Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide, Shopify is considered one of the top e-commerce sites that allows you to sell products online – especially if you’re for start-ups and emerging online business owners.
  2. eBay: In contrast to Shopify, no restrictions are placed on the different types of digital files you can sell on eBay.
  3. Etsy: This e-commerce company focuses on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies falling under a wide range of categories, including jewellery, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, art, as well as craft supplies and tools.

The advantages of selling products on a marketplace include:

  • An already established market.
  • A large customer base.
  • Easy product shipping and delivery.
  • No concerns over product inventory.

This practice works well, especially if you have networks to help you access discounted hidden gems that very few other people can source. Alternatively, you may stumble upon an online treasure chest of valuable merchandise others might have overlooked.

How To Get Traffic And Sales Online For FREE For Ecommerce Platforms!

Get more Traffic to your Online Shop with Link Building!

You can also attract more website visitors through placing your website links in relevant posts on other websites that cover topics related to your products or services. However, it involves SEO analysis and strategies to do this successfully so get in touch with our link building expert team.

8. Exclusive Information Sharing

Requiring an online platform such as a website or blog, exclusive digital information products provide insights and recommendations that satisfy a specific need, often offering solutions to a common issue.

Given today’s rapidly increasing market need for digital information sharing, people are obsessed with consuming content on social media and on other online platforms. As a result, information products are in high demand, making them some of the most effortless products to sell.

To your followers, you’re most likely viewed as an established authority figure when spreading your insight and sharing the lessons you’ve learned along the way. With this level of marketable influence at your fingertips, you can turn all of your experience and knowledge into an information product and earn profit from it.

Well-known examples of exclusive information products include eBooks and e-learning online courses covering all kinds of topics possible. With many online learning platforms available these days you can market and sell your courses and generate passive income streams through various channels.

If you have your own online shop integrated in your blog or website, you can sell your eBooks, downloadables or printables, online courses, workshops etc. here without having to share your profits with the other platforms.

How To Create Online Courses and Sell Them? Top Tips by Fernando

Best Ways to Sell Digital Products

At ClickDo we share more tips on how to sell digital products online in this guide.

9. E-Book Writing

By writing and sub-publishing your own e-book, you can monetize it by taking advantage of the low cost of showcasing your work on worldwide distribution sites like Amazon – its Kindle platform makes it easy to publish your book at near-zero cost.

Although writing a relatively short attention-drawing e-book available for online purchase can be relatively cheap, the process requires expert knowledge on a specific topic. The topic, however, could be niche and use some special skills or abilities that many readers need.

E-Books are essential for delivering palpable information of value to readers, driving traffic to your other offerings, including audio or video courses, other e-books, a website or potentially higher-value seminars.

On average, e-book authors make around £10,000* per year if they sell books regularly, but you can earn rich dividends from selling your e-books online.

Just bear in mind that this will take time and may require an investment in advertorial / promotional material. However, once you’ve established a fan base and preferably also your website, you would have created a solid passive income stream, allowing you to earn money in your sleep.

According to Statista, subscriptions (videos, eBooks, audiobooks, and online magazines) are the top info products that people spend most of their money on.

With most people turning to online resources for inspiration, consumers are always on the lookout for trying fresh new ideas, which ideally creates a financially favourable set of circumstances giving you the advantage of selling an information product that is highly innovative and inspirational.


10. Online Course Creation

Creating an entire online course with tutorials, PDF downloads, and videos is a great way to earn a passive income because people can pay for the insight provided at their own pace.

LearnWorlds is one among many resources for creating and selling online courses, making it possible for anyone to profit from their knowledge and experience by creating an online program. We recommend you test a few platforms.

With e-Learning becoming a growing trend, you can offer online courses on distance learning platforms like Coursera, EdX, and Udemy. For more specific niches, you can publish your marketing or SEO courses on platforms like SeekaHost University.

You can expect to earn an annual salary of £35,000 to £90,000 if you get hired as a course or training instructor by schools, colleges, or universities. By investing in your online course creator or tutor career now, you can display your instructor and training skills later, ultimately making it worth your while in the long run.



11. Website Design & Content Creation

If you are a pro at website development and content creation, you can offer specialised services to any business entity via online content management systems like WordPress, Weebly, and Joomla. Using these platforms makes the business of creating bespoke websites a breeze.

Necessary skills required to meet profitable web design objectives include:

  1. Communication: Developing a fluid line of communication between you and businesses enlisting your web development services is of great importance to set, meet, and maintain site expectations, as any changes made to the goals or overall scope during the developmental phase must be implemented into the project plan swiftly and seamlessly – be sure to communicate to prospective clients that all invoices will reflect the approved payment schedule as well as any budget increases along the way.
  2. Creating a Blueprint: Using SEO and content analysis skills to drive traffic to a developing website is crucial for creating a sitemap to structure content towards visitor goals. By creating a website blueprint, you can define usability and content layout to drive more visitor conversions to the site effectively. Developing site designs and development plans are also helpful in providing an overall envisionment and reflection of a brand’s essence – this practice also holds true for ensuring faultless content management procedures as well.
  3. Gradual Site Enhancements: Once the site is launched, enhancements will likely happen to meet business changes and constantly improve the website. You’ll consistently need to be on standby to address any help desk questions, test and fix technical problems that may arise, and make content management system updates to the developed website.

How to create a Website & get it live on Google

12. SEO / Website Optimization

Since leaving his full-time job, Fernando learned that digital marketing and SEO skills would be the quickest and simplest way for him to earn money in the UK.

He started to consult business owners, which led to his written content contributions for a travel agency website in London that paid him £1000.

They paid him because, on his website, he mentioned that he provides SEO friendly content writing, which he pitched via an introduction email from one of his friends who worked at the travel agency. He got the advance payment, immediately started with the project and got paid as soon as he delivered the content for their website.

After his first project, Fernando got introduced by his lawyer at VMD Solicitors to a local business owner of a rubbish removal company called Quick Wasters. The London based business was on the lookout for local SEO service providers to optimize their website to gain higher ranks on search engines like Google. Fernando saw this as his opportunity to enter the real game of making money working from home – see how he dealt with those clients and accumulated many more projects in our case studies section.

“They only agreed to pay me £100 per month and initially paid me £50 to start their SEO services work, which I happily accepted as it’s a recurring income I knew I could scale up, which I did gradually over time. You have to make a start somewhere.”

Whatever you can offer consultation for, be it fitness, nutrition, beauty, fashion or marketing, you can do the same and earn money doing it. Start by finding potential customers, small businesses or emerging freelancers and follow through with a pitch on how you can help them.

You can, of course, also set up a profile on freelance job sites and get your first few projects in this way. This will help you establish a portfolio that you can then present on your own business website where more people can find you eventually, once your business website ranks on search engines.

If you are interested in SEO and would like to take a similar career path, reading more about our SEO franchise opportunities is a great place to start.

The one lesson Fernando learned is,

“JUST DO IT! You will learn along the way and your service offerings will gradually improve.”


Top SEO Consultants in London tell their SEO Agency Story

Why Online Consulting is the Ultimate Way to Make Money Working From Home in the UK

Speak with Fernando

Get in touch with Fernando to ask your questions about how to get started with consulting in any niche.


Online consulting encapsulates the primary principles of the ‘work from home’ business model to a tee and also gives you the freedom of flexibility to get paid to participate in your passion.

Enveloped by respective pillars of passive income-earning through online business ventures, the consulting services industry is a billion-pound industry in the UK.

Business owners are looking for skilled people who can work online to meet company needs from home.

We encourage you to use the list below of the most desired and diverse skills currently in demand in the UK as your launching pad for earning money through online consulting.

Discover some of the most popular and lucrative options out there right now!

We encourage you to use the list below of the most desired and diverse skills currently in demand in the UK as your launching pad for earning money through online consulting.

How to Become a Consultant and Get Paid Online?

The consulting services industry is a billion-pound industry in the UK and business owners are seeking for people who can work from home. They want skilled people.

What skills are desirable & in demand in the UK?

  • Content writing skills
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Voice actors for media work
  • SEO skills (this is the most sought after skill)
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Online skype coaching for non-English business people
  • Graphic designing skills (this is highly in demand and you can easily get jobs at com and

All the above skills are highly in demand and business owners are happy to pay.

You can work from anywhere and do this work.

how you can earn in uk

1. Graphic Design

With a high demand by start-ups looking for business cards, logos and brochures, graphic designers register their professional profiles on job-seeking platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour – this would be the best place for you to find your next gig.

Graphic designers either get paid per hour or based on the project at hand. Their hourly rates usually range from £11-£25*. It’s important to build an impressive profile so that prospective clients can gather as much about your experience and skills as possible.

Graphic design skills required to get you hired include:

Skills to Pay the Bills


2. Copywriting & Copy Editing

Ripe with opportunity, copywriting is a great way to earn a passive income remotely, as businesses are yearning for people who can fuel this mega-industry machine with fresh marketing ideas and messaging.

Websites with pages after pages of text started from a blank screen. Someone had to create a compelling piece of copy – this is what a content writer or copywriter does. From taglines and captions to five thousand word buying guides, it is all in a day’s work for a content writer.

As a copywriter, you can make anything ranging from £18,000 to £37,000 per year. Learning how to transition your copywriting craft from a side-hustle to a legitimate copywriting business can see you service a range of clients with written material presented in many different forms (i.e. ad and email marketing, business website copy, and blog content).

4 copywriting skills you’ll need to succeed include:

Skills to Pay the Bills


Although closely related to copywriting, copy editing, in contrast, doesn’t require written material per sé, but rather your analytical skills and keen attention to detail.

Not to be mistaken for copywriters, copy editors don’t produce written material, but only revise submitted content for review before publishing. The content is proofread for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, factual errors, legal traps etc.

To excel in this job, you will need to harness your ability to work for long hours without losing your concentration and an excellent grasp of the target language is a MUST.

3. Podcasting

If you’re an exceptional speaker, a compelling storyteller, and an endearing interviewer, creating your own podcast platform may be the best avenue to explore.

With your microphone, laptop and free software on hand, podcasting can be a fast and fuss-free way of booting your finances from home.

Although there are several ways to earn money through podcasting, the most popular approach people are taking is through commercial sponsorship. You can, however, also use your podcast as a platform to advertise your own products or services.

With a range of topics up for discussion, you have free reign to record popular matters of interest to you and your listeners. From covering relevant current affairs to telling entertaining tales about funny, scary, or thought-provoking experiences you have encountered on your walkway through life, podcasts are a perfect platform to get your story heard online.

As you start building a large following, interest from companies willing to pay you to mention their brand, products or services in your popular podcasts will soon follow.

Learn more about well-known Podcast Hosting platforms to start and get more exposure. This list of the wealthiest podcasters can also be your guiding compass to developing your million-dollar podcast business plan.

Skills to Pay the Bills


4. Photography

Do you have a knack for photography and an itching desire to showcase your visual creativity online? Nothing is stopping you from getting paid for pursuing your passion for taking pictures.

Are you interested in making your pictures available for purchase online? You can make this a full-time profession by simply uploading your material to any one of many databases as stock images, allowing magazine editors, designers or any organization with a website to buy them.

The beauty of showcasing your images on stock websites like Shutterstock, Photoshelter and Getty Images is that your photos can be sold any number of times, allowing you to make money without any effort.

To get started, you will need approval from the platform to license your photos for use by anyone who downloads them. Photos could be shots with models, landscapes, and creative scenarios, or they could capture newsworthy events. Being mindful of the need for photos that appeal to a specific audience or represent an individual scene is important when discovering where the demand is for your niche in photography.

Skills to Pay the Bills


5. Online Tutoring

Online tutors offer their skills to online students located in different parts of the world. Some e-tutor sites will pay you handsomely to teach students via distance learning.

As an online tutor working from home in the UK, you can earn around £20-£30* per hour. To carry out this practice effectively enough to see significant returns, invest in superfast broadband and reliable software tools because most of your tutoring lessons will require video conferencing and voice calls via Skype or Zoom.

Tutoring is not only a lucrative but deeply satisfying profession. You could work by yourself from home using a generic whiteboard like Cisco Webex or work with a company like, which provides its own whiteboard and tutor management system. Demand for e-tutoring in subjects like Maths, English, coding, and science is growing around the world and, once you get established, you can even set up your own online tutoring business.

Whether you are an academic, a coach, or someone with good knowledge about something, you can monetize this by offering to tutor people online either via your website or by joining other platforms like Chegg Tutors, offering private tutoring.

Here’s a list of the best online tutoring and teaching sites for remote work.

With regards to the technical skills required for online teaching, you will need to have a firm grasp of technology and be comfortable using it.

This includes:

  1. Being able to use a computer and navigate the world wide web.
  2. Sending and receiving emails.
  3. Uploading and downloading files.
  4. Creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  5. Participating in video calls.
  6. Troubleshooting common technical issues.

You will also need to be proficient in using software programs, such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc), ScreenFlow or Loom for video creation, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides for collaborating on documents, and some sort of work management software such as Canvas. These tools will enable you to record videos and lectures, upload files, create multimedia presentations for your students and track performance.

Familiarising yourself and being skilled in using these tools will help level up your online teaching and enable you to post assignments, grade student work, participate in discussion forums and administer tests.

Skills to Pay the Bills


6. Translating / Interpreting

Do you speak more than one language? Then online translation and interpretation might be the passive income-earning career for you. Anywhere you find ex-pat communities where English isn’t the first language, you’ll find a need for interpreting and translating services.

With many people growing up speaking at least two native languages fluently, you’ll find that the possibility of becoming a translator or interpreter could be profitably promising for you if you fall within this linguistic bracket.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Firstly, register with a translation services agency like Translator’s Base to increase your reach.
  • Prove your language skills, translating or interpreting, and any relevant qualifications you hold.
  • Adding your CV to your LinkedIn profile would significantly serve in your favour, with bonus points awarded to you for creating a website showcasing your previous work and projects.

It’s all about doing market research and differentiating your services to meet the needs of your target audience. For instance, people who know sign language can also offer their translation or interpretation services online.

A translator can earn anything from £18,000 to £53,000* yearly depending on their qualifications, expertise, hourly rate, and workload.

Here are some worthwhile skills required to build an online presence through your translating service offering:

  1. Learn and use basic SEO skills to optimize your online platform to increase organic traffic.
  2. Have a firm understanding of running Google Ads to implement in the promotion of your platform.
  3. Learning skills in digital marketing is crucial, as this coincides with the substantial influence that social media has on the online community at large.
  4. Educate yourself on Facebook Remarketing and its prospects in earning profit.
  5. Exercise your aptness in developing a website and blog platform to connect your services to questions related to translations or intercultural differences.

So, if you have what it takes and enjoy working from home all day long, this is just the job for you.

Skills to Pay the Bills


7. Language Teaching

Unlike online tutoring, some English learners don’t even want papers and certificates; they merely need to learn from a native speaker in England. Craigslist is one of the popular places to find people from across the world looking for online English lessons.

With non-English-speaking countries often teaching English at schools as an additional language, many students look for more alternative learning support, ideally with a native speaker.

To become a language teacher, you will need to:

  • Be fluent in the written and spoken target language.
  • Have at least passed an academic language test like TEFL.
  • Of course, having teaching experience is a plus, although this is not a mandatory requirement.

You can offer to tutor your students virtually and charge for your services either via your website or e-tutoring platforms like CheggTutors. If you have enough students paying fees, you can make a decent living teaching language online. A language teacher makes up to £2000* per month, although this can fluctuate depending on various confounding factors.

Skills to Pay the Bills


8. Life-Coaching / Mentoring

In an era where business meetings are being held online and streamed live in the form of video conference calls, your skills as a motivational speaker are quite an asset. Whether you’re called upon to make a presentation via video conference on behalf of a brand/company or you are needed for customer interviews, as a speaker, you need to be very flexible, confident, and able to read the virtual room.

Being a life coach requires prior experience and expertise. The better you are at offering advice and effective solutions to people’s life and work issues, the quicker you can become a household name.

Before you know it, you will find yourself offering your life coaching or motivational services from your home office to people worldwide. The business of personal coaching/mentoring or life coaching is currently booming.

At the top end, a speaker or life coach can earn £100*+ per hour plus all the passive income from guides, books, courses etc. Most client interactions occur through video chat on Skype or Zoom, so we recommend that you get a certification in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to fast-track your life coaching journey as a prominent speaker in just a matter of a few short months.

Fortunately, there are different types of life coaches and mentors that offer their services in a range of areas (i.e. relationship coaches, family coaches, fitness coaches etc), which gives you the flexibility to decide what life coach niche best meets your interest in imparting your personal development skills onto others.

For instance, two-time New York Times best-selling author Mike Bayer, known to most as Coach Mike, is a personal development coach whose mission is to help all kinds of people achieve sound mental health in order to become their best selves.

Still falling within the mental health aid spectrum, Mighty Men Mentoring, in contrast, tackles mental health issues affecting UK’s male population, in particular, empowering them to lead more connected and fulfilling lives:

Skills to Pay the Bills


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