The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Make Money Online in the UK

How-To-Make-Money-Online UK

With fast and easy internet accessibility offering plethoras of remote working jobs in the UK nowadays, web-surfing side-hustlers and skilled self-starters are taking advantage of rapidly expanding online interactivity by turning to the digital arena for seamless ways of earning money either from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else in the world.

Fernando Raymond started ClickDo Ltd. with his inspiration to earn online working from home while traveling as a digital nomad and doing what he enjoys as a digital entrepreneur managing two online businesses.

When he started his FernandoBiz Blog, he figured out there are various ways to earn through the internet from his own websites and blogs.

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He was fascinated to see how people earn while working remotely from a laptop, living location independently, and traveling to new places while making serious money as an online freelancer or internet entrepreneur.

The level of legitimate and lucrative online money-making ventures you can carry out remotely these days is limitless. Tailored to meet multitudes of diverse lifestyles that cater to different interests and niches, these ever-expansive profitable, and progressive opportunities are available for the talking today!

Whether highly skilled or moderately knowledgeable in navigating the digits here, the remote work revolution offers quick, fast, and affordable ways anyone in the UK can earn income online by simply logging on via their laptops or other operating systems through a secure internet connection.

In serving the revenue-generating interests of all money-minded entities in the UK, our specially crafted guide will walk you through unique and sustainable ways of earning cash online, no matter your talent, background, financial situation, age, and area of personal interest or expertise.

Furthermore, in delineating the divergent distinction between skills required for specific online remote work opportunities in contrast to others, we will touch on digital nomadism and aspects that make learning digital marketing skills a must when carrying out profitable online practice!

Why Digital Nomadism Has Gone Mainstream?


Nowadays, anyone can earn money from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad, and the only essential prerequisite needed to bring in the bucks is stable internet access.

Often working from public libraries, co-working spaces, and even coffee shops, digital nomads rely on the accessible simplicity of connecting their laptops, smartphones, or tablets to Wi-Fi hubs in these public spaces – or using their hotspots.

Making money on the move as a digital nomad offers remote workers the freedom of flexibility to schedule work according to their own time. By assessing its bountiful benefits, it should be no surprise that Brits are eager to reap the financial rewards of this growing income-generating online trend.

The Benefits of Digital Nomadism

1. Travelling: With flexibility being one of the main advantages of embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, deciding when to work subsequently coincides with the capability of remote workers to enjoy their travels more freely and frequently. As a result, online on-the-go job opportunities translate to more travel time.

2. Active Community Interaction: Generally, digital nomads tend to enjoy workcations, meeting new people and making friends online from within the community. With the possibility of forging friendships via interpersonal dialogue exchanges by joining various online remote worker groups, the potential of the community to assist with finding co-living and co-working spaces is much higher amongst digital nomads. Ultimately, these groups offer an insightful network of resources to help beginners navigate the digital nomad lifestyle and set them on a profitable path of prolonged and consistent remote revenue earnings.

3. Low Cost of Living: With the flexibility to move around freely while making a decent living online, remote workers have the upper hand when looking to reduce their overall expenses by working in different locations with lower living costs. In addition, by adopting the digital nomad online money-making model, commuting costs for remote workers are significantly reduced.

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

Taking both the practical and exciting adventurous aspects of ever-changing remote work environments into consideration, generating long-term income as a digital nomad is stringent on the following factors:

1. Creating a Budget: Before embarking on a pursuit of making money remotely, outlining travel and living expenses is essential to help digital nomads stay organized while avoiding any unnecessary expenditure. Jotting down how much money is spent on transportation, accommodation, food, and experiences all factor into setting out to create a solid remote work budget.

2. Mapping Out a Travel Plan: Making a list of travel destinations to be visited makes it easier to determine other necessary admin and practical aspects (i.e. digital nomad visas and residency permit applications etc.) surrounding remote working pursuits.

3. Setting up Health Insurance: It is pivotal to research and set up a health insurance plan that provides coverage in all the places intended for a visit, especially when considering travel insurance for time spent working abroad.

4. Selecting a Phone Plan: For international travels, digital nomads find it worthwhile to unlock their phones for on-the-move usage from one country to the next. Purchasing a prepaid SIM card with a set amount of data through an international phone carrier is also an option. This way, it is possible to buy a mobile Wi-Fi device to use when looking to avoid any reliance on cafés and Wi-Fi hotspots to conduct work remotely.

5. Finance Management: Confirming debit and credit card acceptability in planned places to visit is crucial before setting sail on a nomadic journey. Despite foreign transaction fees on international purchases often being incurred, some UK banks have options for international accounts that only charge a conversion rate. Furthermore, for travels abroad, buying foreign currency from a local bank or credit union before departure is a must!

6. Implementing a Storage Plan: Travelling light is not uncommon amongst the digital nomad community because it is far easier to seamlessly move from one place to the next without investing too much time in the relocation process. As such, it is advisable to consider paying for a storage unit to hold onto any impractical belongings during the time spent away. Having friends and family house personal belongings could also do the trick. Alternatively, another cost-effective option would be to sign up for a home-sharing program or source a long-term renter for the time being.

Why Earning Online is Front-Running Freelancing Frontiers?

learn to earn money

Receiving high returns with minimal investment is the most befitting financial facet encapsulating the advantageous nature of the digital nomadism movement, which is why so many people are latching onto the online money-making trend.

In their 2021 Freelance Forward survey, Upwork reported the surge in new business registrations, with self-employment reaching its highest point in over a decade. The report established that freelancing increased to the highest share of the labour force in the eight years Upwork has conducted surveys, with contributions of $1.3 trillion in annual earnings to the US economy (up to $100 million from 2020).

Given Upwork’s reported estimated 4.8 million freelancers in the UK in 2019, it is clear that there has been substantial growth in the freelancing work arena altogether.

When turning to Google to search for “making money online/from home/on the side”, you’re hit with a flood of suggestions and options. The online market continues to grow as the Office for National Statistics in the UK shows:

“The largest growth has been in businesses with 1,000 or more employees, where website sales grew from £60 billion in 2009 to £128 billion in 2016.”

There is an evident change in our behaviours affected by modern IT and IoT solutions – we use our smartphones, tablets, and computers mainly nowadays to acquire products, services, and information.

From being hunters and gatherers in the real world, we have moved to satisfy our needs and interests online. The digital nomad lifestyle revolution has set the stage for growing numbers of workers to earn their income online in different ways the digital economy offers.

However, many work-from-home jobs and online business ideas may not be ideal for building a money-generating enterprise in the long run. Therefore, this article will present you with the best authentic and trustworthy ways of earning money via the internet.

The Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2023

Here, we delve deeply into a wide range of online money-generating ways which are more sustainable money-making methods & strategies built for the future.

The goal is to enable you to see how different jobs and freelance opportunities online can be utilized and combined to build a wallet-proof and futureproof online presence that delivers good returns in the long term with skills that you can build on.

As the most practical guide with tried and tested money-making methods on the internet, we explain the importance of digital skill acquisition and how you can make a living doing what you enjoy online.

This detailed guide explores ways that have worked for years in the digital world. However, the top 5 listed online earning areas to make a living are what we advise beginners to start first as they are sustainable and proven to help people create passive income streams from the internet.

Lastly, we mention several more ways for you to quickly get started that people have been using for decades to cash in from websites and online work opportunities that may fall under the categories we cover.

Make sure you read this and become part of the online community with whatever home business idea or suggestion you think will work for you. Feel free to take some notes and refer to this guide as we keep adding new tips and proven strategies to earn money working online or even from living anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re a digital economy newbie in search of a sustainable side-hustle, an established individual looking to branch out, or even a student pursuing a future online career path, ​the opportunities to create profitableHow to start a WordPress blog step by step and earn money blogging. online pathways to earning money for the long haul are limitless.

With a secure internet connection in place and your laptop or any computerized operating system in hand, the financially full-proof nature of these remote online ventures caters to virtually anyone, including unemployed people and pensioners.

Top 5 Sustainable Internet Opportunities to Make Money Online For Beginners

Everyone has a skill, talent or some way of wisdom and expertise they can share. Whether it’s writing about your journey or experiences or giving people knowledge and skills about something you’re good at – putting it out there online is a great way to start. You can do this in many formats through various online channels.

According to 2019 report findings established by Upwork’s Freelance Forward survey, 45% of freelancers reported doing some skilled services as part of their freelancing, working in fields such as computer programming, writing, design, IT, marketing, business consulting, etc.

In 2021, the percentage of freelancing providing skilled services rose to 53% – an eight-percentage point increase in the past two years.

We therefore look at 5 different main online work areas, which can then be broken down into more specific online work opportunities and ways of making money online. This will help you identify the broader earning potential the internet offers while figuring out which specific skill sets are required within each of them.

1. Digital Content Creation & Marketing

1.1 Bloggingcreate-content-online-to-make-money

Responsible for producing several millionaires during its 20-plus years of existence, blogging is one of the most common ways of earning prolonged passive income online.

Due to the ever-expansive nature of social media and its increasing influence on the content creation landscape, digital nomads use this online platform to create blogs to share their travels and experiences with their respective online audiences.

As a viable online money-making method, blogging increases site traffic over time, expanding reach across various social channels. Although gaining traction takes time, consistent content creation can turn your blogging journey into a full-time gig. Depending on the nature of your blog (i.e., lifestyle or DIY etc.), you could potentially earn some serious cash through effective monetization.

We strongly encourage you to start your own blog because this method allows you to use your precious time to improve and build your skills while producing something scalable. To help contextualize your understanding of the various ways that building your blog can lead to more financially favourable future opportunities, have a look at how ClickDo Ltd. Head Honcho Fernando Raymond made blogging more scalable.

1.2 Copywriting

Like blogging, writing jobs for remote workers go hand-in-hand. As a freelance writer, you can generate website copy, blog posts, and articles for different companies during your travels.

Given the expanding market for digital nomads looking to write, we urge you to turn to your expertise and passion for finding writing jobs in industries that relate to your field of knowledge when considering this avenue of income generation.

Smartblogger provides helpful insights on how others make a lot of money online with content writing and blogging. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelance websites are also great resources for you to see the growing demand for online writing gigs. Problogger is also a handy tool you can use to uncover how freelance writing can help you establish a recurring revenue stream for your career.

1.3 Graphic Design

Like freelance writers, graphic designers also have the flexibility to workearn-online-fast-working-from-home-in-the-uk remotely and outsource work to different companies concurrently.

As a graphic designer, you can conduct different design and development projects within your area of expertise. While some graphic designers specialize in logo design, others work on illustrations such as infographics and layouts for advertisements.

1.4 Animation

animation-music videos-tv-video games

As a highly sought-after service conducted remotely, working in animation allows you to create visual effects for music videos, TV, video games, and multiple other media platforms.

Some of the highest earners in the remote working spectrum are freelancer animators, who earn anything from $25 to $106 per hour on popular job sites like Upwork.

1.5 Digital Marketing

The premise of digital marketing involves promoting products and services through online mechanisms such as social media and blogging. Daily tasks of digital marketers include product research, data analytics, and campaign development.

With the primary objective of monetizing their active blog platforms, digital marketers often resort to creating online products like eBooks, webinars, online courses, workshops, or online consultations to sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify, as well as via their e-commerce websites.

Hint-Hint: When publishing your eBooks, list them for £1.49 – £6.99 and earn roughly 70% of the sale. Similarly, if you’re interested in creating and selling an online course, you can set the price from $9.99 and receive a share of 50% for every sale. You can then raise the purchasing fee of your course as it grows in popularity.

If you want to publish your online course on a credible E-Learning platform that offers a better return, we recommend you check out our SeekaHost University. To further promote yourself and your courses in the highly saturated and competitive e-learning marketplace, why not follow in the footsteps of SEO gurus Neil Patel & Fernando by setting up a website showcasing your expertise?

Additional avenues of online passive income generation that fall under the digital marketing umbrella include:

1.6 YouTube Video Content Creation


According to savethestudent, content creators for the widely recognized video streaming site “receive a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views”.

Solidifying his online stature as the UK’s top YouTuber of 2022, garnering over 25 million subscribers, DanTDM is known for his video game commentaries and has covered a variety of games, including Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokémon.

By establishing a specialized niche for yourself (i.e. music, beauty and cosmetics, health and fitness, food, fashion, travel, lifestyle etc.) on the popular streaming platform, creating engaging video content could launch your online career to YouTube superstardom too.

This Top 100 UK Bloggers and how they Make Money Blogging guide will help you understand the potential of monetizing your online presence.

1.7 Gaming


There is massive money-making marketability potential for this form of digitalized entertainment. Minecraft Fanatics, for example, invest a great deal of time and effort in constructing and maintaining their game servers via reliable hosting providers like the SeekaHost Minecraft Server.

Through this online undertaking, you can earn by streaming your Minecraft experience on YouTube, charging players for accessing your server and creating a “task-based” virtual currency program for other players.

Explore more advanced ways of Minecraft money-making methods through the SeekaHost Make Money With Minecraft Guide.

1.8 Selling Used Goods, Original Creations, Images & Photos


From a rare vinyl to N-95 masks, it is all lapped up. Choose your niche and jump in. Most websites make logistics easy by providing their delivery system and paying you by card or PayPal but be aware that they charge fees on your sales.

If you’re good at spotting rare objects and picking them up at a discount from auctions, car boot sales or through contacts, you can resell them at a higher asking price with a compelling reason.

The other option is to collect unique used items and restore them to make them worthy treasures again. Flea markets or sites like Craigslist are good places to scout for used jewellery, old art pieces, furniture, and other items you could flip and toss.

Once you’ve done your magic, you can resell the items at a profit. Upcycling and decluttering are trending as people look for more sustainable ways to live a greener lifestyle. Why not profit from something where the whole planet benefits?

On the Etsy marketplace, you can sell original handmade art pieces such as jewellery, paintings and much more. If you are gifted artistically, whether you paint, make crafts, or build creations using different materials, Etsy is one of the prime marketplaces you can post your pieces. People from all over the world can see your work and buy whatever looks pleasing to their eye.

You can also sell images on stock photo sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock. Once you sell people your pictures, they then send you royalties each time a third-party licenses your photos. Bloggers, travel companies, food companies, and marketing corporations are only a few on the long list of people who would be interested in buying your photos. You will have to upload hundreds to thousands of images to earn a significant income, as the royalties you receive are just a few pennies for each photo.

1.9 Selling Domains, Websites, and Apps


Most people only think of material goods and services to be traded online, but we live in a virtual world where you can buy and sell virtual goods like domains or websites.

The SeekaHost Expired Domains Buying Guide will help you understand how domains, web hosting and websites work. With a firm understanding of how the system works and where you can find expired domains and trade them, you can get started.

Like stock trading, where you speculate about the value of a domain and whether it will be in high demand and if someone will pay big bucks for it, investing in expired domains is comparable to investing in real estate because there’s an equally high demand for solid online properties.

The buyer can build robust websites using strong domains and sell or rent them to SEO services providers or business owners who want to rank their websites high on search engines and generate leads.

Domains, however, may also lose their value if they lose their backlinks and authority. Alternatively, you can buy and sell the domain without a website. You will have to research which domain names may be valuable and desired. Research domain names ending in ‘Insurance’, ‘Travel’ or starting with a city name like ‘New York’ or ‘London’.

There is no limit to the types, names or addresses to look at like .net or .com addresses that have been registered. You can find instances where someone registered .co, .org, or some other URL and find the combination that hasn’t been snatched up yet.

Check out the Flippa platform, where you can buy and sell domains, websites, apps and more. They provide a valuation tool and a broker you can use to support you. Learning the ropes can be very rewarding – we cover how to build a domaining business in our Make Money Online Kindle Book.

2. Website/Blog Development & Monetization


All you need to start a website or blog is a laptop, an internet connection, and a vivid imagination. Start with a simple website by spending less than a week making a top-notch WordPress site with free and SEO friendly themes.

There are numerous blogging platforms out there now, and it will take you at most a day to design a website and about 4 hours to create one using Wix or Weebly. With WordPress, you can find many helpful tutorials, tips, and guides on the website or the ClickDo blog. Choose your niche carefully and do your research first.

From the design to the menu and the logo, you’ll need a clear vision of your blog before you start writing away. The SeekaHost University has the perfect blogging course for guidance, teaching you how to build your ideal blog step-by-step.

The whole idea of learning how to start a personal blog and make money online blogging is to earn money in your own comfort zone. Blogging offers no hassle of working and reporting from 9 to 5, no deadline submissions, and most of all, flexible working hours.

Not exclusive to individuals, but more than 80% of businesses are incorporating the practice of blogging since it’s an effective way to reach out to their audience and convey ideas and services in an entertaining manner. Master the art of how to make money blogging with tips from ClickDo blogger experts like Fernando Raymond, who attracts over a thousand monthly visits to his personal blog.

FYI: ClickDo also offers bespoke web design services.


Many bloggers consider WordPress one of the best CMS (content management systems). You can read more about WordPress benefits here. Whether you have a technical background or not, WordPress will give you enough flexibility to build your blogging site in a quick and easy way.

By following our expert ways to make money from your blog, there is no fixed limit to the money you can generate. Depending upon the quality and popularity of your blog, you can earn a remarkable amount. Examine how Fernando makes over a thousand dollars per month through blogging in this article.

First things first: establish your niche and function of your website (e.g., a comparison site, online magazine, or company website offering services/products). You can then find additional ways of monetizing this web presence by using your knowledge, skills, and experience to create something to build on which is reflected in your content.

Your website or blog content is key to make it a success. From writing catchy and SEO friendly post titles to curating the best content formats for your blog, it will make all the difference if Googlers find your website within the top search results for related search terms.

Using your blog or website for advertisement can open another lucrative stream of passive income. Most ad networks pay on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, and some pay on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) ad views.

First, you will need to amass the required traffic and number of visitors to your blog to attract high click counts on your displayed adverts. Another important factor of successful online advertising is targeting.

In other words,

Are your adverts relevant to your audience?

It’s all about fine-tuning and ensuring you’ve done your research first. Here’s a brief overview of big-time banner ad networks you could use:

  • Google AdSense: This clever and popular system works very well for many bloggers as it is easy to install (above the fold ad) and automatically displays relevant ads to your audience with the highest bidders displayed. For any click advertisers get from your blog, you receive a payment from Google from a minimum amount onwards. Note: you can only use it if the blog is in your name/you’re the owner.
  • net: This works with other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. Driven by the context of your content, their ad units can be implemented on your site with just a short snippet of ad code. You can create your own ads or leave them on Note: some people find this system more complex, and they only pay you after a minimum amount.
  • BlogAds: This is great for bloggers who prefer to sell their ad space at their own prices and conditions. You can accept and reject advertisers, giving you complete control. BlogAds is helpful if you want to focus on specific ads and if you want to ensure that everything you display on your blog is in your hands.
  • PopAds: This is ideal for small publishers or bloggers starting out. PopAds offer instant approval with no minimum traffic requirements. The minimum payout is 5$ compared to other networks with higher thresholds.
  • Chitika: For bloggers or website owners with a good volume of search traffic as monetization occurs based on it. Chitika grants instant access and has no minimum traffic requirements.
chitika-monetization-good traffic

If you’ve already established a successful blog or online presence of some form, you could use the money it is making to invest in growing it.

In Fernando’s case, the consultancy services offered on his website brought in more clients, who pay a monthly recurring fee. This ongoing contractual income enabled him to employ staff and add more services, which created even more revenue. Of course, this is only doable if you’re happy to become an entrepreneur and run your own business at some point.

The beauty of having your own website is that you’re the boss – you can design it any way that works best for you!

3. Learning SEO Skills & Helping Business Owners Virtually


During his extensive reading and research on SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, Fernando soon realized that acquiring digital marketing skills is the most vital prerequisite to earning while working remotely and on his terms.

With renowned search engine sites like Google infiltrating our lives and how we conduct our day-to-day undertakings, the value of SEO concerning remote work has grown significantly in importance in the online working world.

SEO-Coachig-online-by-Fernando“If you learn the SEO skills, it’s a win-win situation. You can do SEO for your own business as well as for others. There’s a massive demand out there. Businesses need SEO desperately to stay on top of the game. Ranking on the first page of Google is vital.” Fernando Raymond.

SEO for Growth see’s massive potential in this business and claims that:

“A good SEO agency in a typical metro area can bring in $20,000 to $100,000 per month and up as the business grows and as long-term monthly retainers are secured.”

As Fernando has taught himself how to do SEO, he is 100% sure everyone can learn and utilize these skills to make money online. For more information about SEO, see ClickDo’s informative SEO blog.

From local SEO to SEO content writing, you can find various SEO courses covering different aspects of SEO via our ClickDo Academy. This resource gives you all the knowledge you need to grow your business or provide SEO services to others to generate an online income.

So, if you have already established a successful blog, vlog, or website, you will have developed the skills to rank them on Google to increase your exposure and revenue.

Alternatively, if you prefer to take it easy in the beginning by getting support from experts, SEO for Growth suggests buying an SEO license or franchise. Consulting with an SEO expert is also an option. You would, however, must pay for those services, so weigh your options carefully.

You can read this article about knowing how to start your home-based SEO business and earn online.

Some of the many remote working jobs that allow you to use your skills to earn money by virtually servicing the interests of businesses include:

3.1 Virtual Assistance


Often coordinating calendar events, managing email accounts, and organizing travel arrangements, virtual assistants are independent contractors who provide various administrative services for clients or businesses from a remote location.

Depending on the client, the role of a virtual assistant may vary, ranging from assistance with social media campaign optimization to copy editing tasks.

3.2 ProofreadingProof-reading-business-document-online-money-making

According to International Living, most agencies will pay around 25% of the price of a translated document to a proofreader. With agencies charging roughly $75 to translate a five-page standard business document, proofing the same document, which takes about an hour, pays out about $18 to $20.

This online money-making practice offers tons of flexibility, as you can work full-time, part-time, or around the clock – the choice is yours.

Mediabistro is a site that offers resources for media professionals, including tips on how to become a proofreader.

3.3 Software Developmentsoftware-development-coding-create-computer-applications-functions

With a background in computer science, software developers use their knowledge of different coding languages to create computer applications for specific functions.

Working as a remote software developer allows you to create codes for different clients and companies that help improve their IT systems.

3.4 Data Collection: Online Auditing & Selling Excel Spreadsheetsdata-collection-online-auditing-selling-excel-spreadsheets

Finance aficionados can use their talents in accounting to provide online auditing services to businesses remotely.

Online auditors approved by the relevant bodies (i.e., Internal Revenue Service for the US or HMRC for the UK, etc.) work to help firms and companies file their tax returns. As some of the best paid in the finance industry, work carried out concurrently by online auditors allows them to work for different clients and bill them all at once.

When searching online for thousands of excel jobs via sites like Toptal, SolidGigs, or FlexJobs, all looking for data analysts, automation experts, data scrapers, etc., you’ll find that these jobs require a strong foundation in Microsoft Excel.

Through Excel programming, you can help businesses turn large amounts of data into information they can use to make better decisions. With some established businesses lacking the computer systems needed to run their operations, selling spreadsheets is a profitable way of streamlining their work processes.

You can get paid to make Excel spreadsheets by talking to business owners and pitching templates that could make their work easier.

Businesses you can target include landlord or rental agents, craft shops and hobby stores, and used car dealerships or mechanics.

4. Becoming an Online Franchisee

As previously mentioned, becoming part online-franchisee-part-of-successful-brand of an already successful brand could be worth pursuing if you prefer the comfort of having the support of an established business.

The franchise model has worked well for many, but it’s only starting to emerge in the digital economy. See what this market currently has to offer by looking at the various internet franchise opportunities where you can find online franchise options in nearly every niche, from education to marketing and whatever meets your interests and skill set.

The great thing about the franchise model is that there are also part-time options available, and you can do all of this from the comfort of your home. It’s a great way to make money while being very flexible. For stay-at-home mothers or fathers, this might be a great way to make a living while handling family life. Bear in mind, however, that you will need to make an initial financial investment with most franchise schemes.

For example, by becoming a franchisee at ClickDo Ltd., you could set up your own business, create your income and learn all the SEO skills with the support of an already robust enterprise behind you. You would get access to all their resources, training, and support as they’re already a well-known and successful brand, making client acquisition easy.

This model is scalable because if you develop your own successful ClickDo franchise, you could one day run your agency or even build other businesses/websites with all the knowledge and skills you’ve gained.

We strongly advise that you only go down this route if you’re willing to commit to building a franchise successfully. You can eventually make it your own and learn a lot about every business aspect, plus your acquired expertise in your chosen niche.

5. Affiliate Marketing

The business directory defines an affiliate as a:  affiliate-marketing-sells-other-merchants-products

“Firm which sells other merchants’ products on its own website. Visitors to the firm’s website may order merchandise from there. But the sale is actually transacted at the principal’s site who passes on a commission to the website from where the order originated.”

With various affiliate schemes for the taking, you will have to find relevant ones to your niche or market.

In the famous Clickfunnel Affiliate Program by CEO Russell Brunson, program member Michael Shane, who has made nearly $10.000 within six months on up to 40% commission, explains the process as follows:

“Through free products, retargeting customers with Facebook ads and email follow-ups, one sale can mean years of ongoing commissions.”

Affiliate networks are even easier to earn with. For example, Travelpayouts unites more than 60 travel affiliate programs (Booking, TripAdvisor, RentalCars, Kiwi, etc.). Instead of registering for each program separately, you can join and monitor all of them without leaving This way, time is not only saved but will also save you the trouble of figuring out dozens of interfaces.

Affiliate networks generally offer a range of affiliate instruments than individual affiliate programs. On Travelpayouts, you will find links, widgets, interactive banners, search forms, and more. As a beginner, don’t hesitate to lean on the support team when you have questions about dashboards, tools, or site integration.

The secret sauce is creating trustworthy content that ranks well on search engines and drives sustainable amounts of traffic to your website or blog. So, if you seem to be pushing something for your benefit, that won’t work.

You must also be in it for the long haul!

No matter how much you try, you cannot get a top-ranked blog or video in 10 weeks (unless you are a teen pop sensation). But, with blogging online courses and SEO courses, you can gain the cyber skills that will make all the difference to your future flexible online work.

If you want to get involved with Amazon – the largest online retailer of our time – then you can become an Amazon Associate. Amazon provides linking tools large networks, content sites, or bloggers can use to help monetize websites. You can even get an Amazon Associates WordPress plug-in designed to make it easy for members to search for Amazon products to include on their site if you focus on a specific niche. Check Amazon’s program fees carefully, as your commissions can vary!

Affiliate marketing for beginners is perhaps the easiest and best way to monetize a blog, especially if you don’t have your own products for sale or provide any services yet. Joining a good affiliate program can help you get exclusive access to great deals for your blog, website, or YouTube audience. Following several affiliate programs will help you achieve even better conversions and build a long-term revenue stream.

SeekaHost is a blogger-friendly web host that allows bloggers to earn some good commissions for referring people to the most affordable web hosting packages. With several bespoke offerings aimed at businesses and individuals looking for the best web hosting performance, SeekaHost is ideal for beginners because it grants you a whopping commission of 40% for the first 1000 sign-ups, which is double the amount other affiliate programs offer.

Try out the SeekaHost Affiliate program, which allows you to promote any web hosting packages on your blog with custom-made banners and affiliate links to help others discover why SeekaHost is a financially full-proof web hosting service.

Fernando claims this is a desirable approach as your passive income continues to grow with the successful referrals you make.

As Fernando puts it: “Easy money made while living the laptop lifestyle.”

Unique & Alternative Travel Jobs That Digital Nomads Can Earn Passive Income Online


Harnessing a combination of your blog or website development skills, coupled with your insights on SEO, sponsored ads, and digital marketing, these creatively unconventional remote working jobs can be put to profitable use and displayed to the thrill of a targeted online audience of potential buyers:

1.    Launching an Online Café

online cafe-digital-platforms-brand-marketingAccording to the International Coffee Organization, coffee sellers are always in high demand. With more and more coffee consumers increasing globally every year, coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts can now develop digital platforms to market and monetize their products to many online buyers.

Since coffee is a widely available commodity product, selling coffee can be a great way to earn money remotely with a strong brand and marketing plan. Customers tend to look for branding cues like design and bean origin when deciding what kinds of coffee to buy.

By selling this piping hot commodity online, you will have a high volume of potential customers and the advantage of many niching and expansion opportunities.

Here are 6 steps to starting an online coffee business.

2.    Selling Soap

For avid DIYers with an eager entrepreneurial spirit, making and selling soap from home may be the best way to meet highly in-demand product needs amongst customers. With the COVID pandemic further stimulating the industry, projected to reach $55.2 billion by 2027, there is a massive demand for hygiene products to prevent infection.selling-soap-candles-fragrances

Selling soaps and disinfectants can be a great way to get creative with different scents and types, with the potential to expand your brand to other products like candles and fragrances.

Here are a few tips on how to turn this household necessity into a homemade business.

3.    Commercial Foraging

The idea of a commercial forager might initially seem strange, but it is actuallycommercial-foraging-plants-vegetables-fruits-restaurants-markets becoming a realistic way of making a living in many areas. The key is not just the abundance of plants, mushrooms, fruits, etc. to forage, but access to markets.

It is easier to make money foraging when you are close to an urban center of some size. While many commercial foragers sell their harvest to restaurants, some sell at farmers’ markets, and others sell to commercial herbal medicine companies or make and sell their herbal products online.

For commercial forging insights concerning UK law, watch the video below, which also uncovers all the do’s and dont’s of the profitable practice.

In Summary

As R.L. Adams, an established serial entrepreneur, author and blogger, points out in the Entrepreneur:

“The passive income will help to thrive.”

As such, with endless earning opportunities offered to just about anyone and everyone with a laptop and an active internet connection, it is crucial to distinguish between quicker ways of making money online (i.e., paid surveys, competition entries, couponing, product reviews, selling old school notes, web searching, transcribing, etc.) and the more long-term solutions we have covered above, which offer lucrative longevity through recurring income for future financial gain.

We hope this article has given you some ideas about using the opportunities the digital economy can offer for yourself, considering your circumstances and goals.

Get in touch with us to clarify any questions you might have or to provide additional information we haven’t covered.

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