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Why local business owners should aim to build thriving digital brands

It’s without a doubt – the world is going online, with operations of businesses becoming digital and even the communications within a business are being disrupted towards digitalism. The older generations were focused on communities, supporting the local community and businesses were always creating goodwill with the community as well. It’s important to understand that the fundamentals of digitalism ... Read More

The SEO startup that raised $7.2 million

The French SEO software startup Botify recently raised $7.2 million in series A funding. This would not be anything special – many startups are raising similar amounts and of course we hear the occasional Instagram or WhatsApp story – an acquisition for billions of dollars. There are reasons why this story is interesting to the SEO community as a whole ... Read More

How AI is changing SEO and the future of digital interaction on the web

Microsoft, Facebook and other tech companies are developing strong AI bots for human to robot interaction with the aim of entertainment. What’s interesting however is how they’re planning to monetize this new trend. As the video below outlines, our Skype applications, Facebook messengers and WhatsApp’s are soon to become single-user entertainers with the aim of promoting products to us. It can be argued that the search engine will ... Read More

7’ Shades of Managing for Excellence as an Entrepreneur

The one common parameter of success of the 21st century business entrepreneurs is their continual aspiration to achieve excellence. That objective applies to every stage of running an enterprise, from managing people to planning & administration, marketing & selling, financial management, customer care and so on. Extraordinary people and other creative performers, in businesses or ... Read More

7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies For 2016

The 7 Simple Guest Blogging Strategies are vital for your blogging success in 2016 and beyond.  If you´re a blogger or helping somebody run one and are not happy about the traffic on your site, you should seriously consider guest blogging. It will help you spread your brand, get new viewers, get some nice backlinks ... Read More

How To Network Like a Boss in Order to Grow your Business

Ever thought to yourself: “That guy is just successful because of the connections he has”? Well, It´s partially true. Let´s face it, it´s who you know, not what you know. It might sound unfair to you, but people with well established connections will always be more successful and more happy in life. The good things ... Read More