How to Get Quality Clicks from Ads at Dirt Cheap Price?

getting clicks from ads

Pay per click advertising on Google or Re-marketing ads on Facebook, you always end up paying a lot! One of the effective strategy to avoid such situation is to make sure we have the right strategy in place, thats well planned by analysing the audience for whom the Ads are displayed.

How the planning is structured?

1. Understand the Market

Understanding the market is the first step in planning an Advertisement campaign. Understanding the market involves analysing the product or service that being offered to the target audience.

For example: Check if the target audience can afford to buy the product or service.

2. Demographics Target

The first step is to split the demographics with your product understanding. Find who are your targeted customer, split them based on:

  • Age
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Behaviour

For example: There is no point in targeting Kids to sell a Car.

3. Ad Copies

Ad copies play a major role. This is what makes the user click on the Ads. This includes Ad Title, Description and Site-links (typically) on a Google Ad. When it comes to Facebook, you have the ability to add Images and Video content inside the Ads. This improves the engagement.

Google or Facebook?

It depends on the product or service. Here is an explanation in a Nutshell. If your customers have product knowledge, use Google. When the target audience do not have product knowledge, use Facebook.

What if you offer a service?

When it’s a service, you have to utilise both the advertisement segments. For this, you require professional assistance in place. Get in touch with us for a free Quote!

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