Make PPC and Social Media Marketing Work Together for Your Business


What is PPC:

Pay-Per-Click is an internet marketing vertical in which promoters pay each time when people click on the ADs. Google AdWords is one of the most traditional forms of PPC. Google allows business people to bid for ad position in a search engine’s results page (in the form of sponsored Ads) when people search for a keyword that is relevant to their business offering.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing (SMM) is a method of growing traffic or attention through social media. Making customers engage with a business and giving quality information on Social Media is the Key to success where we gain a lot of brand attention!

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How PPC and Social Marketing Work Together:

When it comes to marketing strategies, You have a ocean of choices. But reaching customers with a right strategy is most important.

For instance: If you are trying to sell a car, you should adapt to the marketing strategies that actually suit Automobile industry. You can gain insights by studying the promotions of your competitors (or) you can run your own campaigns to understand the market with trial and error methods.

You should forget choosing between PPC and Social media marketing!

Instead, we can make PPC and Social Media work hand in hand. Social media and PPC aren’t separate dimensions. You can leverage these two channels in a complementary way to boost your business.

#1: Gather Information:

Both PPC and Social media are the best medium to gather insights. Leverage the data that are already out there. Based on the data, prepare content that is already resonating with people and use the insights to fine-tune your PPC campaign later.

You can utilize demographic information like:

  • Age
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Time

#2: Grow using PPC on Social Media:

What if you don’t have the social media proximity to leverage your supporters? That’s really tough to engage your customers.

You can begin by transferring sponsored PPC clicks to your website, track users on the website and utilize the tracked data on social media channels.

#3: PPC and Social Media for Re-marketing

Imagine a user sees you on Facebook, then continues browsing. He notices your sponsored Ads on Google or Display Network. There is some brand awareness at this point for your business amongst your target audience.

Use social media data or vice versa to retarget your potential customers. When you work hand in hand with PPC and social media, you can be successful in your business.

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