Why Start a Personal Blog and How it Helps?


If you looked up on the web why start a personal blog and how to do it step by step, you will get many answers.

In this blog post, I want to explain to why you must start a blog, build a brand and make money online.

You can learn how to start a blog and make money with the guide I did with step by step videos.

As Fernando Raymond & Neil Franklin says, Get Online, Build a Blog and Share Your Message with the world. Read more at https://www.getonline.blog/

Start-a-Personal-BlogThe Online World

Almost everyone nowadays interacts with the online world in one way or another. The majority of people do so through social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Hangouts and many other similar platforms. Others interact with the online world through the use of search engines such as Google and also by visiting any number of websites among the millions available online. Regardless of the level and scope of interaction with the world of the internet, few can deny the fact that the online world has become an integral part of daily life.

The Blog in the Online world

The term ‘blog’ is actually the short form of the now-forgotten term ‘Weblog’. Weblogs or blogs actually came into existence in the early 1990s. A weblog was basically an online diary or journal where people got to share happenings in daily life. Even then posts on a blog appeared in reverse chronological order with the latest posts being displayed first. The original and basic idea of the blog has not changed much since then. However, nowadays blogs have features that their earlier text-based predecessors did not have which include

  • The inclusion of photographs as a vital element of a blog
  • The inclusion of video content alongside the more traditional text
  • The inclusion of widgets to increase a blogging site’s functionality

No matter how much blogs might evolve in the modern age, their most basic function will remain the same and it is this: The documentation of time-bound events in reverse chronological order.

Before starting a blog

Anyone who has contemplated starting a blog is bound to encounter most if not all of the following questions

  • Why should I start a blog?
  • Does starting a blog mean I have to first own a website?
  • What do I really need a blog for?
  • Do I really need a blog if I am not a business?
  • What am I going to put on my blog?
  • Do I really have enough to show on my blog?

The number of questions that you can end up asking yourself is limitless. However, being unable to provide concrete and irrefutable answers to these questions by yourself should not discourage you at all. Below are some of the major reasons you should start a blog and how doing so will ultimately help you.

  1. Freedom of Expression

Being able to freely express your self is probably the best incentive you should give yourself when starting a blog. Unlike a Facebook or other social media page, you need not to worry about stringent regulations on the kind of material that you upload or post on your personal blog. You can share all manner of text-based, audio and visual content on your personal blog without having to worry about it being tampered with by a third party. No one will remove your text or delete your photos and videos without consulting you. It is worth noting that censorship without consulting page owners is becoming a common practice among mainstream social media sites.

  1. Stand out

In today’s internet-centric world, competition for skilled and talented people is at an all-time high. Companies the world over are now able to outsource jobs to the best people regardless of where on the planet they happen to reside. This has been made possible by the rampant spread of high-speed internet connectivity across all major continents. This development has resulted in a sort of global pool of individuals with exceptional talent and skill in their chosen fields.

A personal blog will help you to get noticed by employers, investors, grant agencies, banks, and even clientele. By using the right tools to boost the visibility of your blog online, you will be able to grow your audience and thus become noticed. A personal blog can indeed help you stand out from the crowd as it an become a brand associated with you.

  1. Gain Authority

There is no better way to gain credibility in your chosen field than by showing people that you are not only good in what you do but are also passionate about it. A personal blog will help you gain authority in the following ways

  • You get to upload videos of yourself of engaging in what you are passionate about
  • You get to upload video tutorials in your subject area vindicating your competence in the field
  • You get to interact with other professionals in your chosen field which allows you to establish a professional network
  • You get to answer queries in your chosen field of specialization posted on your blog

A personal blog is an indispensable tool when you want to establish yourself as an expert in your area.

  1. Connect with an audience

If you are truly passionate about something then there is nothing that offers a greater sense of validation than finding other people with a similar interest. A personal blog can be an avenue through which you get to meet people who instantly connect with your views and opinions on a wide range of topics. You can end up using your personal blog to mobilize people towards the realization of worthwhile causes. Being able to connect with a blog’s audience can be the exact incentive needed for you to realize the following.

  • Become more confident in the abilities, skills, and talents that you possess
  • Gain the courage to embark on even more tasking ventures such as being an active participant in various local and global campaigns
  • Get the motivation to work even harder at the skills and competencies you already possess

The benefits of having a dedicated audience to your personal blog are indeed limitless.

  1. Make Money

Finally, a personal blog can enable you to establish a steady and secure income stream. However, most of the proven methods of earning revenue from your blog will only work when you have attained considerable readership. Thus if you are patient enough to build a steady and substantial audience, you can earn money from your blog in two main ways

  • CPC ad campaigns which allow you to charge advertisers based on the number of clicks on their ads as displayed on your blog
  • CPM advertising which allows you to charge advertisers a fee for using your blog as a marketing platform.

Read How to start a personal blog on WordPress and do SEO step by step?

How to travel the world as a digital nomad


Are you bored of being tied to set working hours and work places? Are you looking for adventure while working? Then becoming a digital nomad could be the right choice for you! A digital nomad is a person traveling the world or working remotely while supporting his or her lifestyle by earning money online. This can happen in a variety of ways.

Ways of living the digital nomad lifestyle

Knowing what a digital nomad is doesn’t mean you know what the digital nomad lifestyle entails. There are many ways you can lead a digital nomad life, depending on what you choose to focus on. Just look at all the new jobs that have evolved with digitalisation – from software or web designers to social media moguls like Mark Zuckerberg. To give you a better idea of different digital nomad lifestyles check out our previous article https://clickdo.co.uk/digital-nomad/ or see how Fernando at ClickDo Ltd. lives it: https://clickdo.co.uk/remote-work/

How to become a digital nomad

Fernando absolutely loves the laptop lifestyle and wants people to experience the same freedom, which is why he has worked very hard to create a comprehensive online training program for anyone interested in SEO and digital marketing at https://www.clickdoacademy.com/ Here you can gain vital skills required to join the digital nomad tribe.

What skills are needed?

As you’ve seen in the examples above, in order to work remotely you will need skills you can use online like blogging – see how Fernando (https://clickdo.co.uk/blogging/) and I (https://education.clickdo.co.uk/education-blogger/) started out – web/graphic design, digital marketing, SEO or content writing  – the list goes on so, see more examples here: http://www.fulltimenomad.com/how-to-become-a-digital-nomad/ .

Depending on your interests and talents you should think carefully about what you want to focus on as not all of these ways of making money online are scalable – read our articles “How to make money online in 5 sustainable ways” and “How to make money in the UK (ways to earn working from home)” to give you a clearer picture.

If you are considering to become a digital entrepreneur, check out these blogs: https://business.clickdo.co.uk/ and https://www.clickdo.org/blog/start-an-online-business-in-estonia/. They will provide you with useful information about starting a digital business and the latest opportunities and trends.

What you can learn

Fernando is a serious digital nomad missionary and wants to teach people the skills relevant to lead a good life while traveling. If you look at his digital marketing course, you’ll get a better picture of what you’d need to learn:

    • How to start a blog with WordPress & Optimize it for the search engines
    • SEO friendly content writing skills (my course is launching soon!)
    • Blogging skills – how to earn money online as a blogger
    • How to become a PR expert and get quality links for business websites
    • Latest and local business SEO skills
    • Facebook marketing & Remarketing skills – how to integrate Facebook Pixels
    • How to get digital marketing jobs and work remotely

Also see how the ClickDo staff, who have all been trained in SEO, digital marketing and blogging, follow Fernando’s example and enjoy working remotely whenever they can: https://clickdo.co.uk/blog/living-the-laptop-lifestyle/. Watch out for our travel updates on FB and the ClickDo Blog.

What the digital nomad lifestyle offers you

Are you ready to become part of amazing communities, see stunning places and experience the ultimate adventure and freedom of a digital nomad? There are plentiful options to travel and network simultaneously once you’ve established your online business or income. Depending on what you’re looking for and your budget, here are some suggestions:

  • Traveling for a short period:

digital-nomad-girlThere are retreats like https://nomadhouse.io/, boat cruises like https://www.nomadcruise.com/ and co-working and -living spaces for short stays available all around the world like WifiTribe. And if you just feel like working from a different spot for a day or two you can always find office spaces all over the world via wework and places to stay via Airbnb, Booking.com, lastminute.com or welive.

Expert tip: if you don’t want to spend a fortune every time you travel, check comparison websites to look for the best deals available during the time you plan on traveling. When flying, check skyscanner.net, enter the date of travel and put as destination anywhere. You’ll get a list of cheap flights to various cities during this time. If you have a set destination but are flexible with the date then look at the whole month overview to compare flight prices. Based on these results you can then continue your search on other platforms like lastminute to compare the best deals for accommodation and travel.
  • Traveling for a longer period:

There are longer digital nomad retreats like https://remoteyear.com/ where you’ll travel with a group of digital nomads for four months to a year and everything related to the travels is organised for you.  A similar model, but for two to eight months, is offered by http://www.theremoteway.com/ however, this is limited to a group of 36 people traveling together at a time.

Expert tip: packages where everything is planned and booked for you can be amazing if done right, but they can also limit you to a certain extend. Think carefully about what your goals are for traveling for a longer period. If you prefer to be more flexible, it is advisable to consider booking several trips in a row the same way as suggested above or even while you’re on the go. You’ll always find accommodations online via Booking or Airbnb. And if you’re specifically looking for work-friendly homes then check Airbnb work.


What the future holds

It’s an undeniable fact that online businesses are the future and more and more people around the world will use the internet as a gateway to everything they need. Therefore, the workforce in this field is growing rapidly and more and more concepts for online workers and entrepreneurs are emerging as well as work opportunities. So, it’s certainly an industry with great prospects.

But it doesn’t stop there! Fernando is currently working on a masterplan to create a place to meet and work for digital nomads on a nice little island: He is looking for people, who are willing to make a financial investment and to commit to this ingenious idea wholeheartedly.

Once we have worked out a finance plan and we have enough people who are seriously interested in building a digital nomad island community, this project will be a milestone for the digital nomad lifestyle. Check Fernando’s Facebook to learn more and get regular updates.

When you’re ready come and join us or get in touch with us via https://clickdo.co.uk/contact-us/ for any more questions. Be free, be limitless, be yourself – become a digital nomad just like me traveling while working and earning online!

Living the Laptop Lifestyle (How Manuela Willbold Works)


Now we all know what ClickDo stands for – being free and living the laptop lifestyle, meaning working from anywhere as long as you’ve got your laptop and internet connection with you.

This week Fernando showed that he is a boss who likes to promote living this lifestyle by giving his staff what they need to do so. Manuela Willbold, who has recently started blogging for ClickDo, loves to enjoy the sunshine in her garden and asked if she could have a sun protector for her laptop. Fernando didn’t hesitate and got her one – now here she is working away writing and researching while enjoying the fresh air outside.

In order to have the best internet connection outside Fernando suggested to get a TP-link device, a wifi extender, to increase the signal from your router wherever you are around your house. He got her this as well and now Manuela has access to her high-speed internet outside, enabling her to do all the work from the place she likes most (obviously only in the sun). If you want to experience the laptop lifestyle and work from the places you love most, join the ClickDo gang.

There are many opportunities to learn the essential skills you need to become successful: You can read all the ClickDo blogs about how to start a blog, how to do SEO and much more. Fernando has been very busy putting together his SEO Blueprint and courses to teach you all you need to know about the SEO game. And ClickDo are also offering an affiliates scheme as well as options to become a franchisee! Don’t think – act now!

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First Step To Making A Living Online


The concept of making money online is catching like wildfire and is currently booming, it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

I first came across the idea of making money online, when I saw YouTube videos of individuals explaining how to live the laptop lifestyle. They were talking about this book called The 4 Hour Work Week, which I mentioned in my last article on WordPress Business Blog.

After hearing so many people talk about making money online, I started to believe that I too could do the same. I read many books on the subject, one of which was Laptop Millionaire by Mark Anastasi . That was a great book,as it gave me some ideas of the possibilities that were within my reach.

I kept reading book after book, as I knew I could find a way to earn money online and leave my job. However, it wasn’t easy…

What I did when I first started my online journey

I started a WordPress blog which I built myself by watching some YouTube tutorials. And I kept writing about the things I read, who I wanted to be and even the services I offered. You can read the journey at https://www.fernandobiz.com/

How I made money online

I found out that Google paid for advertising through Google AdSense. I read up on it and heard that many Indian bloggers were making a ton of money by blogging with Google AdSense. So, I applied for an account and got the approval to have Google ads on my blog.

Bamm… I stared to make some money! But that wasn’t much, it wasn’t even £10 per day until I achieved a good amount of organic traffic from Google. You can read the story at https://business.clickdo.co.uk/create-a-blog/ to know how it all happened. .

I was so happy that I made some actual Mulla online and it was a direct result of starting a blog. 

So what are the first steps to start making money online?

Start a blog today and produce epic content so that google will send traffic to your blog, then, all you have to do is use the below methods:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate marketing – promoting affiliate products through your website. check Click Funnels as that’s a good one.
  3. Sponsor posts on your blog. This is a great way to make money online. I plan to make at least £2000 per month from https://business.clickdo.co.uk as it ranks for the keyword “UK Business Blog”
  4. Offer services like, content writing and editing.
  5. Teach people how to develop a skill (one which you are great at) – I teach SEO and WordPress Blogging via Skype sometimes.
  6. Get clients online. That’s something you will learn at ClickDo Academy
  7. Write a book and sell the digital version online

Those are just 7 ways to make money online and I guarantee that you will evolve as you keep blogging. Blogging is important to build a brand and get traffic as it will eventually pave the way for you to be known by millions of people.

Pre Bank Holiday Update from ClickDo

The UK Bank holiday is arriving shortly so I thought that I would put out a short post about the various activities that have been going on this week at the ClickDo London office.


Logesh has been very active and publishing a blog per day which you can see on the ClickDo Blog page. He has been blogging about PPC campaigns and what to do if your business is lacking leads.

Janay has been filming her daily videos with various tips on Social Media, the importance of branding and SEO. Hop over to our YouTube Channel for details.

Fernando is continuing his travels and flying off to Lithuania on Saturday to continue his laptop lifestyle journey and will be filming his journey for the Daily Hustle episodes.

We have more new staff joining the ClickDo team in London’s Canary Wharf office and some will be blogging daily on the ClickDo Blog here, so keep an eye out as the will also be documenting their journey.

We have also new merchandise from the ClickDo media with T-shirts printed and other great stuff coming soon.

How Fernando Started SeekaHost to become a thriving brand on Facebook and how you can do the same for your startup


Fernando, the founder of ClickDo and SeekaHost, has been able to establish SeekaHost as a well recognized SEO hosting company by utilizing Facebook.

In this article, we take a look at the major strategic steps Fernando took to achieve this.

Fernando randomly going live on Facebook!

The power of Facebook

First of all, it’s very important to understand the incredible power Facebook has.

The platform is incredibly powerful for reaching many well targeted people. While businesses find it necessary to spend on Facebook advertisement to boost their reach, Fernando managed to get incredible and targeted results without spending anything on advertisement.

That’s the power of Facebook – people search for information, contribute and engage. And there’s a billion active users on the platform – brands can be built purely from this massive platform. So the first step is to understand and recognize that.

Create Facebook groups and provide enormous value

The key to stand out in the age of information overload is by providing supreme content. If you’re not into entertainment or comedy niches, your only solution is to provide highly valuable contents in regard to the niche or technical skills that your site is about.

The best way to go for this is to open a Facebook group and just start posting amazingly valuable contents. People will share it and more importantly – come back. Users will engage, click thought to your links and when you present products or services you will have an existing user base to promote to.

Fernando sharing a good book he recommends on SEO tribe.


Fernando started a closed Facebook group in mid 2015, posted a load of valuable contents and the result was amazing – after a year the group now has 2,700 users. No heavy sales of SeekaHost have been done, yet the group has converted nearly 10% of it’s users into hosting clients.

The other group “SEO tribe”, opened just two months ago already has 1,208 members:


All of this has been achieved without any advertising – that’s the power of providing incredibly high value contents and not expecting anything back.

The results

The results have been absolutely amazing for promoting a brand such as SeekaHost – we have two groups with nearly 4,000 loyal members. Without much actual sales or pitching – SeekaHost has acquired multiple hundreds of clients.

The groups that functions as the background has been the key for this.

How your startup can utilize Facebook

The results Fernando has achieved with SeekaHost have not been bad at all and we have learned a few things while building a brand on Facebook. These are the guidelines for your startup or product:

1. Value

As emphasized before – value is the easiest way to catch peoples attention. Don’t make it general, make the value specific to your product or industry. The idea is to reveal secrets and teach people technical skills.

2. Different content types

Fernando figured this out early – make your content interesting, make it in different formats to keep the attention you’re creating. No doubt most value probably is in detailed 100 page reports – nobody will read that on Facebook. Be creative and find different methods of delivering your message for most branding success on Facebook.

Q/A videos, live videos, blogs and pictures are just some of the types of contents Fernando did to create massive success for SeekaHost.

3. Utilize team members

This is a key one – if you have a team working on the vision of the brand, be sure to involve them in the stories and contents you’re releasing. This will help enormously with the trust and reputation, especially if you’re in a saturated market with many players and trying to gain market share on Facebook. People need to know you’re for real, that there’s a team behind the project, all working towards the vision of the project.

4. Weekday themes

Having weekday themes and releasing the contents on those days is a very efficient way of locking in an active audience. The people will be looking forward to those times of the week and day. After all – most great things require routine to fulfill all of the work, so this is good for you and the audience.

Once you start pushing and promoting, it will also be easier if the contents are released on specific times and days – you know the audience you will get on that day and the best way to go for pitching.

5. Returns will be slow

This is maybe the most important thing to understand if you want to utilize Facebook and Facebook groups for your brand awareness. It take enormous time to build these groups and a following. All the time and resources that you put in should be viewed as creation of goodwill and not actual investment – as the return might never come.

If you are to be successful, expect to give it 6-12 months before any real returns start coming.

How Gif’s can capture the attention of your target audiences and increase the click through rates


Gif’s, pronounced Jiff’s, are some of the oldest type of picture contents. It’s almost as old as the internet, having been invented in 1987. It’s a mix between a picture and video, yet it takes as little space as a picture does and is incredibly well compatible.

Gif’s are so old as a concept so the technology works on all browsers, operating systems and copmuters. Even a Windows 2000 with an old internet explorer version would display a gif picture and load it in seconds. Can’t say the same about Youtube embed.

Why are gif’s becoming a must for digital marketing in 2016 and beyond

Gif pictures are being reborn now due to rapidly increasing popularity of these pictures. The popularity of gif’s in 2016 are driven by:

  • Push by the big tech guys

Twitter has introduced gif pictures and they have been incredibly well perceived by the users. They don’t auto play, so are not viewed as annoying by the users, and fit incredibly well in the 140 characters world – more things can be communicated in even a shorter period of time.

all-speachTinder, the famous dating app, has also introduced gif communication. With a back end catalog of hundreds of gif’s, it’s never been easier to break the ice and start a conversation on Tinder.

Similarly, mainstream media sites have also introduced gif pictures at the beginning of articles with great success. This also provides for great user engaging advertisement options.

  • Tech products

Vine and Tumbler have been born on the concept of the graphics interchange format (gif) and have gained enormous popularity. This has opened the eyes of many content creators on how people want to engage with each other and how community managers, internet celebrities and brands can pass on their message in an engaging manner.

The fact that gif’s and similar concepts work well on mobile phones is also very much driving the popularity of gif’s in the modern world of responsive design, mixed devices, diversity in screen sizes and operating system wars.

  • Attention spans

Maybe the most important aspect is the fact that attention span of the modern internet user is becoming shorter each and every day. Your content is competing against hundreds of others. The gif allows you to pass the message quickly, engage on peoples visual sense and keep their attention.

This is crucial in the modern world of information overflow – the average internet user looking for entertainment is not looking at reading 1,000 word long articles. A 5 second long Gif will do it.

How do digital marketers utilize the growing popularity of Gif’s

These are the key take home action points of using GIF for your online marketing:

  • Don’t over use it

Take your time and experiment on what works and what does not. Start by a few and see the bounce rates, how well it hooks etc. If you overdue them it might lead to even more information overflow for your users and nothing good comes from that.

  • Millennial audiences are the key segment to target by GIF

The millennials, people born between 1980-2000, are the key audiences to target with GIF’s. The closer your audiences date of birth is to the year 2000, the more true this is.

Although most of us at ClickDo fit in this generation, I must admit – our attention spans are, for a lack of better word, screwed. Especially the people aged 16-24 years old. You must capture their attention very quickly, hook it and direct it to your landing pages.

attentionGIF’s are absolutely perfect for this, Vine has proved this. Again – this is less the case with the millennial’s born in the 1980’s, but if your average user segment is aged 18 years old – be sure to utilize GIF’s to capture their traffic.

  • Use exiting resources

There are probably tens of millions of GIF’s available online. Especially when starting – don’t waste your time creating new ones. Use the exiting GIF’s to experiment with your online marketing.

  • Utilize on multi platform media sites

Because of GIF’s compatibly, they’re perfect if your traffic is from all over the world with different devices and internet connections.

  • Stay on top of the GIF game

you won't regretThis time, they are here to stay. GIF’s are going to be the future of advertising, even offline advertising. Experiment, play around and if you truly want to stay competitive in the modern digital world –  stay on top of the GIF game. Follow what’s happening, the developments and the new platforms.

What we look for when hiring juniors at ClickDo


As one of the fastest expanding digital agency in London, we’re always hiring and on the lookout for new talent for our Canary Wharf SEO office.

Each company differs, however there are specific fundamental traits digital agencies look for in candidates for their junior positions. The following traits are especially important to us and are the main things we screen for in our candidates.


A fast learner and a good operator

Digital marketing generally is a game of constantly following what’s happening in the area and adjusting your services and procedures accordingly – being intellectually curious and a quick learner is absolutely essential.

In our case, it’s not just the fast paced industry we’re in – it’s also the corporate culture. As a rapidly expanding digital agency, there’s not much structure. This simply is how things are in early days of big companies – there are too many new clients to sign and not enough time to properly structurize the offices.

Still – we have to deliver to our clients and find ways to get things done, even if not organized in the best manner. This is where highly organized and proactive people come into play, even if they’re junior in the industry. People that can get things done without much guidelines and on their own initiative.

So the first and the most important thing we screen for in our candidates is how quick they seem to learn things and if they can work proactive on their own initiative.

Work discipline

Work discipline is not only one of the most crucial things we look for in our candidates, but is generally what pushes one to his career peaks and potential. You cannot check your phone every three seconds or not finish the tasks you start.

One needs to be self-aware and push a little every day. No employer wants undisciplined employees and this is especially true for us – we can’t afford to spend time on monitoring you.

Interpersonal skills

If all else ticks, it’s down to how sociable and likable one is. As a client consultancy, we work with people directly – you must deal with many associated issues. Presentably and communicability is always desired and screened for.

Writing skills

SEO and digital marketing generally is about content creation and the main contents the internet has is pure text. Although new types of contents are popping up – Vines, pictures and videos – written content will always be the king of content.

For this reason one of the skills that’s very important is writing. Be sure to emphasize to us any writing experiences you have had – if you’re a graduate this shouldn’t be a problem.

Salary expectations

Finally – the salary. You wouldn’t believe how many recent graduates with little work experience expect massive salaries.

We are fine to give opportunities to people that don’t have any previous direct SEO or digital marketing experience, as we’re looking to train people and give them the skills needed. However – this is reflected in the salary. Part of the compensation for one of our junior roles is the skills you will acquire.

SEO related services will be an $80 billion industry by 2020 – the demand for SEO skills is massive and increasing all over the world. Of-course we pay everyone, but please remain realistic on your current value in the work-force.

Digital skills mastery and how to make a fortune doing a digital job

Times are changing more than ever before in history – the world is global and so are jobs. Many digital jobs can be done from anywhere in the world and in some countries of a fraction of costs compared to the UK. If you are someone in your late teens, you should be scared – you will be competing against 600 million people world wide for jobs.

That’s not to account for the 600 million people on this planed aged 20-24. Chances are, if you’re in your twenties you’ve already faced some harsh realities of the type of jobs you can get and the competition for the good ones. Just so happens that the work force pool for digital jobs is global so you’re competing against the whole of the 600 million, not just the UK’s population.

Now what does this information really mean? Simply put – one has to differentiate himself from the rest to secure a successful career in any field, especially when it comes to digital jobs and a digital career path.

Are you ready for the 2020 digital economy?

In the world wide digital economy, the right ideas can get you really far. Innovation is the sector where entry barriers have always been low. People have been making fortunes and careers out of innovation for centuries.

How does one generate ideas? We’re not talking about simple general ideas that you can brainstorm – everyone can do that. Again – this is about differentiation. The key is to gain a skill to an above average level, an expert level. Then you brainstorm and the results will be in-depth ideas to problems you know exist. Your ideas and solution will be backed up by in-depth technical knowledge you have from the skill. This is how people make £100,000+ a year – they have problem solving capacity and an in-depth skill.

Part of learning a specific skills-set is to be able to develop your ideas. Think of a programmer – he has an idea for a new software and using his skills he can build it from scratch and implement the idea. He becomes an enormous value for a company – someone who can come up with a good idea and develop it.


What about more common skills, like SEO, PPC or online marketing in general? While these skills are common to be outsourced abroad, they’re easy to learn and if you can add ideas on top of the skills you’re set for a good career.

Say you have a high level SEO skills, there will still be many more people with the same level of expertise. This is where the big money comes in by differentiation. If you can develop and innovate the operations behind SEO – say a more efficient way of building Web 2.0’s – you can make that into a business making five figures monthly.

How digital skills can help you?

Let’s take an extreme case – say your SEO skills are at a complete mastery level and you have the capability to come up with ideas to solve complex problems on top of that. You can get a job at Google working on improving the algorithm so that it cannot be gamed. Having an algorithm that is impossible to rank and game is literary worth billions of pounds to Google each and every year. Google would be willing to “spare” £200,000 a year in salary for each person on that dream team solving this problem.

Out of the 1,182,416,751 people aged 15-24 many will be making £200,000, £1,000,000 and some even £10,000,000 every single year. And thats the way they will be doing it. Digital skills are so important because they are highly demanded and while many people have these skills, few are at the master level, with the capacity to solve problems and come up with ideas. This type of expertise is so rare and so demanded that companies will be throwing small fortunes your way to hire you if you can get to the level of expertise required.

Now, the obvious question – how actually hard it is to arrive at this level of expertise? A well known rule is 10,000 hours of doing a task or a skill. In reality it can be done within 5,000 hours of focused practice. That might seem a lot, but it’s not – two and a half years of full time (40 hours a week) work.


Many people have been doing the same job for decades and are nowhere near an expert level. The key is to constantly have new ideas and be creative with your digital work. The brain learns and become better when we struggle – when you have to push yourself mentally to understand a concept or to solve a problem. This process is called building myelin or the white stuff in brain. Many of the youth are easily distracted and find it impossible to focus or stick to a skill/activity for long, so the 5,000 hours turn into 50,000.

If you decided on a digital skill to master and focused on it for just half a year of daily 8 hours of focused practice and work – you would be at a very reasonable expertise level right after those 6 months. You would be on your way to mastery and the rewards associated.

Life on the Web – How to Make Money Living the Laptop Lifestyle


The internet has revolutionized virtually everything including the way we live and work. Laptops and desktops which were merely information bearing and transmission tools have suddenly transformed into virtual working spaces allowing people to work independently from anywhere around the globe. Irrespective of your education level, age, or technical know how, you can start making money today at the comfort of your home or workstation. The only things you need are the right set of tools, the desire and determination to succeed as well as the right orientation to online working.

The ClickDo Work Environment

ClickDo is a digital marketing agency that is indisputably one of the top digital agencies in London.  What makes the work environment at ClickDo different is that it’s people-driven and every employee is given the mentorship and opportunities necessary to make him or her succeed.


The relaxed working culture at ClickDo has given me space to bring my own style and personal brand while at the same time sticking to the company’s mission and goals. The opportunity to work with overseas clients and the space to try out new SEO techniques have broadened my thinking and made me into a better professional. Without any doubt for whatsoever, I believe that the creativity, freedom, and sense of belonging I have felt at ClickDo is second to none.

The Discipline to Succeed In Laptop Lifestyle


The laptop lifestyle is largely unsupervised and as such you will see no boss breathing down your throat for something you did or did not do. While this is certainly an advantage, you need to develop a sense of personal discipline if you want to succeed. The following tips can help you in this.

  • Get organized and strike a balance between work and other aspects of your life
  • If you work at home, set a designated work space and treat it as such. On the other hand, if you are a digital nomad, consider settling for conducive work environments.
  • To minimize distractions and enhance your productivity, have a daily, weekly, or even a monthly plan that details what needs to be done and when.
  • A laptop lifestyle can make you sedentary and at times a workaholic hence you need to take breaks and probably exercise and catch up with friends.

How to Work for Foreign Companies and Reap the Benefits

Working for overseas companies whether small or large is one if the benefits that come with working online. You interact with lots of people from different countries and that means exposure to rewarding opportunities. In order to maximize on the privileges of working for online companies, you need to be disciplined.

SEO Tribe

  • Don’t mix personal tasks with job-related duties. Don’t take advantage that the employer is not right there with you to hive off some of his time for personal errands.
  • Communicate effectively – Because of the distance between you and your employer, communication is the only way to get things done the right way.
  • Ensure you are readily available on mail, Skype, instant messaging and even phone in case something comes up and needs urgent attention.
  • Prioritize ruthlessly – Tasks can get overwhelming necessitating that you prioritize your work starting with the most valuable tasks and finishing with the rest.

The Ultimate Rewards of Working Online


Working online is a lifestyle that gives you flexibility to change your workstation at will or when conditions demand. The change in environment can enhance your creativity and productivity.

The ability to set your own agenda, come up with your own work plan and basically be your own boss, gives you the freedom as well as the responsibility to manage your resources including time  wisely.

In terms of running costs, a laptop lifestyle is far much cheaper because traditional costs such as commuter expenses, rentals in expensive apartments, and the pressure to keep up with the joneses are done away with.

A laptop lifestyle also gives you the liberty to work for more than one company and this depending on the terms of engagement can be very rewarding.

Opportunities at ClickDo


ClickDo is an innovative company that always creates opportunities for people to join in and become part of the solution to digital challenges facing businesses. Its opportunities are usually categorized into two: London-based and international. Because of the high demand for its services, the company regularly recruits for:

To find out more on what is available and your suitability for these vacancies, click here

Maintaining Brand Consistency and Optimizing Your Income

When working online, consistency is what will keep you relevant and competitive. To be consistent, you must:

  • Have the discipline to maintain a workable calendar
  • Know your limits and handle what you can at a time
  • Promise what you can deliver and going out of your way to ensure work gets done exactly the way the client wants it
  • Have your own voice and personal brand that your clients can identify with


There are so many ways you can increase your income when working online. One of the top ways is coming up with a blog where you offer your services and connect with clients. A blog is a powerful tool because it creates the platform to showcase your ability to deliver and the various types of products clients may be looking for. You can start with a simple blog and update it with time. You can also increase your skills set so as to expand your product portfolio.

The Path to Becoming a Competent SEO Digital Nomad


Becoming an SEO digital nomad, starts with you making the decision to live the laptop lifestyle. While at first this lifestyle has its challenges such as the absence of the regular paycheck and other benefits the employer used to cover you for, it is rewarding in the long run.

  • You must know SEO as a practice and confidently able to deliver as per the requirements of your clients.
  • Your computer proficiency must also be high and commendable to execute the task as per required standards.
  • The flexibility that comes with the nomadic lifestyle is something that you should be psychologically and physically prepared for. At times, you will be required to work up late especially when connecting with clients in different time zones or when working on projects with short deadlines.

In addition to the above, you must be willing to constantly be on research mode for new things that may be coming up in your field of operation. You never cease learning in SEO!