How can local business owners in the UK thrive when Google hits hard?


Most of the local business owners in the UK are dependent on Google! And that’s a good thing for us because we can help them get ranked and bank…

In this article, I want to share with you how to build sustainable businesses and be ready to thrive in the challenging economic condition. Just imagine (or remember) Google’s algorithm update hit on your website and it dropped dramatically in ranks…What can you do? Can you get back to the same volume of leads that you used to get?

Since the last August 1st, 2018 update more and more business owners started to worry. Some decided to part ways with us and even hesitated continuing to run their business.  However, if you read this article where I cover the comeback story of the cleaning company you can see there is hope and you should never give up on your SEO game!

What can you do to thrive when Google hits hard?

You should have built your business ready for that. If you were playing with Google AdWords or had a budget ready you were more likely to get a ton of leads from Google.

I sometimes feel that updates come to shake you and see how you react as a business owner.

The person who is strong and ready to increase their spending during such times will win.

I’ve seen this rubbish removal company, Clearabee, recovering really well moving back to the top, which surprised us all in the SEO industry. They were utilizing Google AdWords at all times during 2016 and 2017, which must have given them the boost as one of our clients, Quick Wasters, outranked them back in 2015 for every single keyword in the rubbish removal niche. You can read the case study here.

So, if you are a local business owner in the UK, that’s a great recovery success story for you. You should try to find and meet the owners of Clearabee and get some ideas.

Right now, as I’m writing this article, I feel them having a Wikipedia page created was a major key contributor to ranking #1 for every keyword in the rubbish removal niche. So if you are one of the local business owners in the UK, seriously consider that. And if you wish to learn local SEO for yourself or train some of your staff about the local SEO game, get our local SEO blueprint today! It will save you a ton of money as instead of hiring SEO services you and your team will know how local SEO works and apply it.

If you have a good understanding of SEO, you can get our local SEO secrets

Now let’s look at the best ways to overcoming Google ranking fluctuations and losses in business leads!

  • Be ready to run Google AdWords (ideally you should be doing it simultaneously while doing organic SEO)!
  • Have other income streams built while things are going great. Never rely on one income stream only – you must evaluate your business within the market and do whatever you can to stay in the game and remain profitable. Investing in other or more businesses during successful periods is key as when the business doesn’t perform well you’ll have the other businesses as back-up options. I started SeekaHost UK, a web hosting company, to have a nice income stream from the web every day. So think about it. Read the book 24 Assets by Daniel Priestley.
  • Start a blog and get your partners to follow suit. Because a blog will help you reach your true 1000+ fans and customers, no matter what industry you operate in. Write stories daily about your business or hire authors to write them. This will enable your audience to understand your business better and to create a personal bond with it. Share how your company is performing and don’t be afraid to be open and emotional about it too. Examples from our clients are writing about eco-friendly living and the benefits of your business as a rubbish removal company. As a modern furniture company, you would share latest innovations in your industry on your blog as well as on all the social media channels.
  • You must be the PR person for your business. See what I do as the CEO of ClickDo, I share, let people know what’s happening. I built SeekaHost starting with my Facebook. My first 100 customers came from a Facebook group I built for fun and helping people.
  • Know the season for your business and when things are bad make sure you increase focusing on your creative work to build your business brand. The winter is a good time for you to build your brand.
  • Start a podcast as I’ve done here as this will bring you closer to your customers:

How can local business owners rank #1 on Google and bank again?

It’s a long-term game and you must keep up with the content creation and marketing more than your competition.

If you are relying on Google, it’s time to think if your business can get customers from other channels like Facebook and Instagram! For some like dentists and modern furniture niches, you can and we’ve got tons of leads for these niches from Facebook.

Go big on your media and become a PR powerhouse. That’s the way your trigger Google and all the people in the UK to know your business.

And finally, if you are serious about how to win the local business game with SEO, I advise you get our local SEO blueprint and if you are starting out to understand SEO and how it can help your business, start here.


3 Tips To Write Better Content For Your Website


Content plays the major role in the SEO. Having quality content without grammatical errors will help you improve the ranks of your web page in the Google.

As a content writer, you should keep in mind several things while writing the contents. Here let’s see some content writing tips for the better SEO.

tips for content writingAudience:

Always keep the audience in mind for whom you are writing the contents. Make sure that your content matches the need of the target audience who are visiting the website.

Having the plagiarized or the low-quality contents in the site will result in the huge bounce rate. As a content writer, you should always make ways to add some media files like Infographics, Videos to the content.

Don’t write contents in the motive of ranking it on top of the Google and driving more traffic to the website.

Provide contents by keeping the users in mind, because ranking on top for the useless contents will not make the users to stay in their website for the long time.

Though Google’s RankBrain AI gives more importance to the dwell time of the users in the website. Try to engage the users with your content as much as you can.

Reducing the bounce rate of the users in the website and making the users spend more time in your website will help you to improve the ranks of the website organically.

Be Specific to the Topic:

Write the content which is more specific to the topic. Always keep the target keywords in mind and write the contents specifically for that.

Avoid adding contents which are irrelevant to the topic and the one which will not add any value to the users. Be more specific and update the contents based on the particular topic.

content writing tipsGive Least Preference to the Search Engines:

Always keep the target audience in mind and give very least preference to the Search Engine. Don’t try to stuff the keywords in the motive of ranking them.

Google is capable of picking the contents which are really unique and free from grammatical errors. Hence try to update the contents in the web page which makes the users to engage more time.

To keep the users engaged with your web page for more time, add some more media files like Infographics, Videos, etc to the landing page. This will reduce the bounce rate and will help you to improve the rank on the Google SERP.

Add more Media Content:

It’s not about only updating the sites with the text content. Users will engage more time with your website only if it has some quality media files like videos, infographics.

Infographics will make the users to spend some time in your blog and even share on their social media profiles.

Try to add the video files like, how to do videos, product review videos, etc. Just you can upload the videos to the YouTube channel and can embed the code in the webpage.

engage users in the website
Give more internal links in the blog. That is try to make the users know about the other useful relevant blogs present in your website.

Internal links will help both the search engines crawlers and the users to navigate to the other pages in the website and discover the new content.

Add long content with the more media contents, internal links, etc to make both the search engines and the users to explore more about your website

Even you can give some reference links to other blogs, that is in case if you own many websites.

Thus these are the smart tips for writing better contents to rank well on Google SERP.

How to Optimize as Google-Friendly Content?

Optimize as Google Friendly Content

A topic between SEO and Google will always revolve around content optimization to make everything perfect. Everybody expects their content to be of high quality, but what does it actually mean? A high-quality content is when it is meaningful and return quality results for a business, when one must do proper keyword research, quality content writing and follow on-page SEO metrics.

How to Create A Quality Content?

A high-quality content will not happen in quick, as there needs some accuracy to bring the best out of it and perform well among the targeted audience. For such things to happen, one can follow the below steps,

  • Trending Topics
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Spy
  • Content Plan


  • Trending Topics:

    • There always falls trending topics on this earth at every point, figure out what you can bring out of it and utilize it in a right way. A content can be labelled as high quality when it has its quantity.
    • Analyze the market and know what the market actually demands its audience, so you can a writer who can give a solution to the market’s requirement.Trending Topics for Content Writing
  • Keyword Research:

    • Use the Google keyword planner tool wisely to decide on which keyword you’re going to target and how potential the target audience is to give back traffic.
    • The keyword research must be based on the trending topics, so the end content will be fresh and answerable to new industry questions which you covered in the article.
  • Competitor Spy:

    • Do some research on competitors of your business, so you will get a clear idea of what you can perfect in your process.
    • Analyze their website, for what are the keywords they are ranking so far and how potential it can be for your growth in online platforms.
    • Go through their website manually and have a read, so you may get a point to set your content level, quality and quantity.Competitor Analysis for Content Writing
  • Content Plan:

    • As everyone knows, the Google algorithm is smart enough to know whether the content is highly relevant to the search query. So everything you write must be relevant or semi-relevant to the search query, where the semi-relevant covers LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.
    • So, save your time and put some effort to build a quality content give it to the audience in a single shot.

Top tips for Successful Content Marketing


Content marketing is the way of creating and sharing the contents on online such as articles, videos, infographics, social media posts, etc. The content marketing is not done purposely to promote a brand. It is done with the intent to create interest of the users on certain products or services.

Here are some of the tips for the successful content marketing.

content marketingContent should be well written by doing the in-depth research about the domain and should provide the detailed information for the user as what they are looking for.

Content should satisfy the user’s needs and also should provide the extra information about the particular niche what the user is searching for on the web.

Add the call to action wherever needed. Make the people to click on the Call to action immediately when they read the content. This will help you to increase the conversion rate.

Add multiple content formats to lead the people to the landing page that you are looking for. Use more media content like Infographics, Videos, etc. This will make the users engage more time with your website.

content marketing strategiesIf you are selling some products, then add more media files about the products, try to add the videos about using the products. This will help the users to get the information that they are looking for.

Guest blogging will help you in two ways. One is that it will increase your traffic rate to the website and the other is that it will act as a natural backlink to your website. This will help you to improve the ranks on SERP.

Try to promote the content organically. You can share the content in Social Media’s, Forums, etc. This will help you to get more reach for your content.

At ClickDo We offer paid guest posts for all the niches from the quality websites. If you need any guest post, feel free to contact me at

Content Marketing Pitfalls – How To Avoid Them?


Content marketing is the way of generating high-quality contents on any particular niche and populating the same on the web. Content marketing is done mainly to bring more traffic to the website and also to promote any product or services.

Here let’s see some pitfall in the content marketing and also some simple ways to overcome them.

Relevant Content:

Make sure that the content that you are providing is more relevant to the title. Avoid updating the content which is not relevant to the topic. This will make the users bounce back even if they reach your website by some means.

Build content for the users and not for the Google, don’t try to over optimize the content in the motive of ranking them in SERP.

content marketing

Don’t provide flat content:

Add more media and images in the content. Avoid publishing the blogs with plain text content. Add Infographics, Images, Videos, etc in the content to make the users engage with it.

Try to give more visual representations of the content. This will make the users to read it and even share externally.

Present the content:

Though you have quality data, it can only reach the target audience if you present them in the best way on the Web. Just don’t add more paragraphs as text, users will ignore the blog and will bounce back.

Add the contents in steps or in bullet points. This will make the users read and understand the concepts better.

content marketing pitfalls

Optimize the content:

The most common mistake that occurs in the content marketing is the Optimization. Optimize the content to rank well on SERP. This can be done by providing the proper title, meta tags, internal linking, etc.

Thus these are some of the common mistakes that usually the publishers make in the content marketing, Just follow some quality tips which are listed above and provide the best content for the users.