SEO Audit Service Guide (All about Website Audits)


SEO Audit Service Guide (All about Website Audits)

Have you spent invested time, money and energy to get your ideal site up the ranks with no results? Are you still not receiving the traffic leads you thought you would get? Do you ever wonder why your competitors always outrank your site even with their poor UX?

The answers may lie hidden within your own SEO marketing skills. These can only be probed and analysed through an SEO website audit. An SEO audit of your website will boost your search engine ranking and organic traffic. More traffic equals more leads and conversions which in turn translates to more revenue.

Are you lost on where to begin with? Stick along with me as we delve deeper into running a successful SEO website audit for your site.

What is an SEO site audit, anyway?

An SEO website audit is a process of analysing how well your web presence relates to the best practices that lead to higher rankings. It relates to an evaluation of the Search Engine Friendliness of a website through a number of factors.

You may view it as a ‘report card’ to your site’s ranking and “googleability”. Google has been reported to make regular updates for their ranking algorithms every year. Along with each update, your site ranks higher or lower depending on how well adapted it is to the algorithm.

Why is it important to perform a regular SEO audit?

The SEO audit ought to be a standard procedure for every website. If you are serious about your online presence, you will make sure that you perform the inspection regularly. On the bare minimum, at least twice a year.  For optimum results, we would suggest that you perform the SEO audit service at the beginning of every new project. Additionally, at the start of every quota, looking into the website statistics will help you get an insight into how well you are performing.

When properly done, it will offer a proper insight and view into your website, individual pages and organic traffic. The end goal would be to rank better in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). For you to achieve this, you require an audit strategy that is viable and effective. You may need to set achievable goals on the results that you may want to see after the audit.

The audit needs to be completed by ticking off a list of issues that you may deem necessary to be improved. You may perform the analysis yourself through following online guides or free website SEO audit tools. The other option is to hire an SEO auditor. The auditor will manually comb through your website and come up with recommendations on what needs to be fixed.

Why does your Website need an SEO audit Service?

Ahrefs Site audit
  • Help uncover the bugs in your website and fix them- Is the site slowly loading? Is the increase in traffic taking a toll on the website? An SEO website audit will allow you to go through the website with a fine-tooth comb and weed out all weaknesses from your website.
  • Compare yourself to your immediate competitors- The inquiry will provide vast information on the statistics for your website. You may use the information acquired to your advantage and outcompete your competitors in the SERPs ranking.
  • Identify the necessary changes to be made- With the constant update to spiders and algorithms in search engines, it is prudent to carry out an evaluation. The evaluation will point out the areas you need to change and improved in order to be compliant with the newer updates.
  • Create an overview analysis of the SEO efficiency to your site- The data received will delve deeper into the conversions and leads for your online website business. The audit will help you analyse critically the SEO marketing efficiency that leads to money minting.
  • Work out your expectations for the next quarter- The review will point out the best way to handle the next quarters and the targets set in relation to SEO conversions. You get to suggest the number of traffic that you expect to generate over the period.

The requirement of the SEO site audit depends on the size of the website. With a small website, it would be a waste of time trying to pour over the numbers. The time and energy may be well utilized in other white hat SEO tricks that will help to better the rankings. For a medium-sized website, it is important to look into the drop-in traffic as a result. For medium-size website and large websites with thousands of organic visitors, you are advised to carry out the SEO check-up quite regularly.

How can a website audit help to improve SEO?

The efficacy of the probe will be based on what you should expect from the website SEO audit. The question should now stand is, what do you expect the SEO audit to be?

SEO Audit

First and foremost, the SEO website audit should be thorough. It should be comprehensive, covering all the areas that affect SEO visibility. The evaluation should include both structural and content components of your website. The front end and the back end. You should be able to get a bigger picture of what is happening in the current state of the website. Any missed piece and the recommendations might end up being skewed.

Secondly, the audit should be easy to understand. The data will help you join the dots on how your SEO skills are affecting your online presence. Additionally, it helps you process how the SEO will affect the online priorities to be adopted moving forward. An easier understanding of the recommendations is also easy to process and roll out.

Thirdly, the recommendations offered should be actionable. The output of any SEO audit should be a clear roadmap outlining how the recommendations will improve SEO. They should also point out how in-line they are with the over-arching business objectives.

What are the Factors to look at when auditing a website?

There are various factors that come into play when ranking your website on SERPs. These same factors are the ones you need to look out for when compiling your audit list. Given that SEO website audit is a complex procedure, it has multiple aspects and approaches to it.

Here are the main factors that you may need to look into;

  1. Technical analysis.
  2. On-page analysis
  3. Off-page analysis
  4. Competitive analysis and Keyword research.

Let’s dig deeper into each of the factors.

audit Technical Analysis

1. Technical Analysis

Technical evaluation of your website is the process of crosschecking whether your website is working properly and effectively. We highly recommend that you begin with this step that will allow you to create a firm base. Just like any building or structure, the foundation is key.

Laying down the correct technical structures allows for the website to be build up perfectly.

The probe may be divided into accessibility and indexability of your site. Accessibility refers to the search engine crawlers being able to access your website pages. Indexability, on the other hand, refers to those pages being presented within the search engine’s results page after undergoing assessment.

On accessibility, you need to consider your robot.txt file and robot Meta tags. These files restrict access to certain areas of your website and might be blocking certain pages. A manual check-up of both is required. XML sitemaps also need to be combed through as they create a map for the crawlers. They should be properly formatted and submitted to webmaster tools for approval.

Under indexability, you need to check if your site is under Google penalty. If so, identify the reason for the penalty, rectify the issue and request for reconsideration from Google.

audit On-Page analysis

2. On-Page analysis

Now that you have made sure the robots can access and rank your website, it’s time we work on the pages. The audit on the webpages may be approached from two fronts;

  • General content page audit
  • Individual page audit.

When we consider the general content audit, you may need to look into keyword cannibalism. This involves the excessive use of specific keywords from different pages. Google only ranks the strongest and you may be missing out on the ranking.

Furthermore, look into content duplication where you may have created exact topics and content in your webpages. Search engines may have indexing issues related to duplicated content on your website.

Under the individual page audit, the first thing to look into is your canonical URL. Make sure that your canonical URL and Meta descriptions are optimized properly. Additionally, the content on each page should be well structured with amazing content that has the end-user in mind.

You may also optimize your images leading to a higher ranking on Google image search. Don’t forget that LSI keywords littered in longer articles is a silver bullet to rank higher.

audit Keyword search

3. Off-page analysis

Here, you get to put to test your credibility factor in the online space. The evaluation shows how popular your site is and the number of links to it. It basically shows the trustworthiness of the site. For you to achieve this, it narrows down to the strength of your domain.

It is important to look into Google’s webmaster’s guidelines as a start. It will aid build your reputation. Additionally, steer away from black hat SEO tricks so that you may gain more trust. The higher the level of trust, the higher the traffic, more and better links and the higher the conversion rates.

audit Keyword Planner tool

4. Competitive auditing and Keyword research.

The competitive analysis involves a comparison of your content and keyword selection to those of your closest competitors. This allows you to use the information to outmanoeuvre the competitors and rank higher with greater traffic.

Use the various free online tools to check your keyword selection. Tools such as Google keyword planner would be a great place to start. You may also pay for premium Ahrefs for better analysis and statistics. These tools will help you research keywords that perform above average in your niche. Better selection of your keywords will lead to higher traffic.

What are some of the online website tools for SEO audit?

There are hundreds of tools out in the market today that make SEO website auditing much easier. Most of the websites offer free SEO audits alongside with recommendation on what needs to be improved. Here are some of the tools you may use to identify problems within your website;

audit Off-page analysis

It is build up like a small mini lab to diagnose your site health and technical issues. Over 100 + technical issues can be identified from this system. Even better, for issues that you may not be familiar with, a quick check on the Ahref’s dashboard will clear things up.

Broken links, missing JavaScript and CSS files, redirects are some of the minor issues that you may quickly find and fix. The Ahrefs crawlers will be able to scan through all your JavaScript and HTML pages, giving you a quick and thorough scan.

audit seo

Google search console is a free website SEO audit tools that are a must-have for any website owner. It is the best and most recommended tool when starting out your SEO journey. It provides for a fair amount of insights and summaries important in analysing your website.

The free SEO audit monitors website performance, backlinks, search queries left by your visitors and much more. It may be limited to painting the whole picture for your website. Nonetheless, it is an amazing tool for an initial and deeper look into your website.

audit tool

Serpstat is an integrated website audit tool that is suited for all, specialist and novices in the SEO industry. The site will guide you through the mistakes you may have on your site along with their location. It goes ahead to offer brief recommendations on how to fix them and rank higher in result pages.

You may use the tool to find issues concerning metatags, indexation, links, redirects, loading speed, HTTP and metadata analysis. Serpstat will offer a complete and detailed probe with all the information you may need to improve your site’s ranking.

audit screaming

If you are looking into an in-depth analysis of your website, Screaming Frog is the audit tool for you. The site is more of a crawling tool than an audit tool. It will crawl your website and later compile a list of possible SEO problems that you may be facing.

Screaming Frog returns reports of over 30 analysed metrics on Metadata, security, your anchor texts and links. It also looks in duplicate content, analyses page titles and Meta descriptions. It is the best tool to analyse and audit technical and onsite SEO for your website.


This amazing tool allows you to stay fresh on the latest keyword trends. You will be able to refine and fine-tune your content and marketing campaigns that are tailored for your target audience. You will be offering relevant content to them.

The tool will be used to search words and phrases that relate to your content or niche. You then get the opportunity to analyse each of the suggested phrases according to their metrics and impact on SEO.

pagespeed in seo

PageSpeed insights is an analytical tool by Google that reports on the performance of your pages and provides suggestions on how the pages can be optimized. It provides the information from two analytical standpoints; lab data and field data.

Lab data is useful for debugging the page’s performance issues while the field data capture the real-world experience with more limited metrics being considered. The audit is divided into three sections. One is the opportunities that suggest improvements to be made. Second is diagnostics that provide additional information on how best the page adheres to good web development. Finally, passed audits that indicate the audits passed by the page.

How can a professional SEO expert be of Help?

With the increasing need for brand exposure, quality traffic and conversions, you may decide to hire a professional SEO expert. The SEO expert is expected to comb through the website and come up with actionable plans that may be implemented.

Here are some advantages of hiring an SEO expert:

  1. Personalised services that are tailored for your website-Most website tools are pre-modelled to offer results in defined factors and metrics. An SEO expert will be able to overhaul the website using better and more plugins.
  2. Detailed reports on improvement areas for your website-This reports when actualized will ease the running of your online business
  3. Customizable action plan- The end goal of the audit is to be able to attract quality traffic. The action plan will be unique and custom tailored to your website needs.
  4. Reach out to more factors that may be overlooked- To be honest, most business owners probably know a little bit more about SEO than the average Joe. Hiring an expert will help you get value for your money through in-depth analysis and audits.

SEO Auditing By Fernando at ClickDo-#1 SEO Consultant in London.

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audit seo tools

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ClickDo has done hundreds of audits and helped websites rank higher.

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  • We stay abreast with the latest SEO tools and Google updates to help you keep up with SEO trends.
  • We offer detailed and actionable SEO reports on a weekly basis.

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The ClickDo SEO training is a comprehensive, knowledge-packed course that contains all the fundamentals for search engine optimization. From the course, you will learn exactly what SEO is, how to create and build an SEO-friendly website will excellent on-site and off-site SEO link building.

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Winding Up.

The discoverability of your website is crucial for the success of your online business. Conducting a thorough SEO audit will ensure that your target customer base can find you quickly and with ease. The increased traffic will generate quality leads that will reflect on your online business operations. What are you waiting for? Put up a plan today for your website’s SEO audit service.

How to get started with SEO for a Brand new website?



Many people want to know how to do SEO for a new website on this 12 steps guide Fernando shows how to do SEO for a new WordPress website.

Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing the contents present on the website and making them easily crawlable by Google.

The ultimate aim of the SEO is to rank the website higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Page for the user’s search query.

Here let’s see on how to get started with SEO for a brand new website.

1.Content & On Page:

The first and the most important thing to look upon is the content present in the web pages. Make sure that the content is unique and not copied from any other source.

seo for new websiteNext, you can get started with the On-Page optimization, That is optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, URL, meta keywords, etc. Also, you should focus on adding alt text to the images, internal linking, etc.

Make sure to complete the On-Page SEO perfectly before moving into the Off-Page optimization.

2.XML Sitemap Creation & Submission:

Once the On-Page issues are fixed perfectly. Then its time for you to integrate the Google Search Console & the Google Analytics with the website.

Create the XML sitemap for your website, this sitemap will contain all the URL’s that is present in your webpage. Next, submit the XML sitemap to Google using the Search Console.

Make sure the sitemap contains no errors and also it is easy for the Google bots to crawl and index the web pages.

get started with seo3.Off-Page SEO:

Once you fix all the On-Page issues right from the content to the page speed, then you can move into Off-Page optimization. Off-Page works mainly involve building high authority backlinks to the website.

You should try to build the links from the sites which is relevant to your niche. Avoid building a bunch of links from the same website. Google gives more priority to the quality of the links than the quantity.

Thus these are the organized ways in SEO which you can try for the brand new website and make it rank on SERP for the potential terms.

We’ve covered all the 32 steps to rank any website higher on Google.

You can also join the online SEO academy and learn how to do SEO for a new website.

The Online SEO training course by Fernando shows you exactly what to do after a website is built and the steps for off-site SEO activities.

Avoid Falling Foul of The Latest Google Algorithm Updates with these SEO tips


latest-Google-algorithm-updatesHave you been hit from the latest Google algorithm update? or want to know how to prevent and avoid falling foul of the Latest Google Algorithm Updates? – If the answer is yes, you are on the right web page.

In this guide, I will walk you through some of the latest updates and what you must know and then who to prevent from getting hit from any Google update.

I’m the #1 SEO Consultant and I’ve been doing SEO services for over 5 years every single day!

Top technical SEO approaches discover what works, what doesn’t and how we can future-proof from Google latest algorithm updates. Last June 2019 there was a big Google update many websites shuffled in ranks and we had some of our client sites also going up and some down. However, I still rank #1 for SEO Consultant and most of our client’s websites are also ranking higher on Google.

Google is like a beautiful lady that keeps on throwing in new demands when you least expect it. To some, Google likes shifting goal posts now and then. But to others, Google is a neutral referee who does their best to ensure a level playing field for everyone. This latter opinion makes much sense.

  • Come to think of it, website owners and web developers can very easily break the rules to get top ranking. It has happened before. To curb this, Google is continually updating their rules and regulations on content use.
  • In the infancy of the internet, all that a website needed was to fill a page with the relevant keywords to get top ranking. Then search engines raised the bar when they realised that some sites were misusing this concept. Have a look below at some of the major Google updates that have taken place over the years;

Toolbar Update; when the internet started taking over the world at the beginning of the millennium, Google came up with the Toolbar Update in December 2000; this was primarily the concept that pages could be ranked differently based on the content and especially keyword phrases. This is where the wars between SEO practitioners and Google really begun. The former rushed to stuff keywords and phrases into pages with intent to get top ranking; it was only a matter of time before the latter uncovered this improper trend.

Nofollow Update; this Google update was released in January 2005. It explained the importance of quality backlinks and why Spammy backlinks risked getting your site flagged off. You can use as many backlinks as you wish, but if they are questionable, SERPs would never acknowledge them. Read

  1. What Is a Nofollow Link? Here’s A Simple Plain English Answer
  2. The Nofollow Question: How Much Credit Do Nofollow Links Get?

Personalised search update June 2005; this ushered in a new dawn in the world of search engines. Google could use your search history to guess what you’re likely to search. This personalised Search Update is what has advanced today to YouTube’s ability to recommend videos you should watch.

Recent Google Updates you should remember;

Today, there are over 200 factors that determine page ranking on Google. You’ll need to understand them to make it to the top of SERPs.

Using Structured Data Markup; this is a sure way of improving your page appearance. But more importantly, you need to understand that both Google and Bing use mark-ups to verify websites. By marking-up your content, you’re increasing your chances of being ranked at the top of major search engines. Voice searches also tend to favor sites that have well structured and cited content.

Page speed helps in ranking; on average, a page should load within 4-5 seconds. Anything else past that risks increasing the bounce rate on the site. Google updates are championing the need for web developers to develop pages that are user-friendly to users (mobile friendly). The user-friendliness includes not just the display of content, but also faster load times.

Preparing for future updates;

Like Google’s updates are hard to predict or prepare for. The trick always lies in always being on your toes. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Ensure that your content answers customer’s questions. Nowadays, users conducting searches have a Quick Answer box at the top. Users can quickly check for results on the main page without having to click any link. Be sure to integrate every phrase that users are likely to search.
  • Optimising for voice search is also crucial. Voice searches account for a huge chunk of Google’s searches. Have your site streamlined so that it is easy to find and locate during a voice search.
  • Good old SEO practices should never escape you. Google will still expect you to use authoritative and reputable links. Diversify the links and use multiple sites. Likewise, keyword usage should also be utilised. The rule is always to use one keyword for every 100 words. The keyword should appear naturally within the article.

Avoid falling out of the latest Google updates by embracing new and advanced SEO techniques. ClickDo is a leading digital marketing agency that understands too well how dominant SERPs work. Looking to have your site optimised to make it perform better while also complying with all Google updates? Just get in touch and rank higher on Google and get the leads you always wanted.

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How to avoid Google penalties with algorithm updates?

You don’t have to wait for Google’s next updates and start running helter-skelter; let the pros in the industry cushion you from such. You can never go wrong with ClickDo website optimisation services as we’ve been doing it for over 5 years now and helped hundreds of business owners rank their websites higher on the first page of Google.

Ranking higher on Google takes time however with properly done On page SEO techniques and strategically doing off site SEO will certainly help the budge.

At ClickDo we start the offsite SEO work by submitting the domain with the business detailed to the top 100 UK business directories which will give a huge SEO boost for your domain.

And then we start guest blogging doing blogger outreach work for you to get high quality backlinks for your web pages. This is what will lift your website to the top of Google search results.

Google bots look at what sites linking to your web pages as references. This works so well when you get backlinks from high quality websites that get daily traffic.

When getting SEO backlink packages, you must try to get from websites that get organic traffic from Google.

Below are some examples of our recent guest blogs on high-quality websites for our clients. You can check our buy backing online page for more details and the link building services page.

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How Guest Posting Helps To Improve Your Ranks in Google?


Backlinking is the core Off-Page SEO factor. As an SEO Consultant or the blog owner, you should know the right ways of building authority links to the website.

guest posting for seoGuest posts is one of the natural ways of building links to the website.

This will help you to improve the ranks of your web page in Google Search Engine.

How Do Guest Posts help in SEO?

Guest Posting is the way of publishing your content in other websites related to your niche and getting links from that post to your website.

Guest posting will help you get links for your website from the wide range of related websites and will make your backlink profile look more natural.

How to publish guest posts?

guest blogging in seoFirst and foremost thing in the guest posting is that outreaching.

Find the relevant sites based on your domain or niche and outreach the site owners via E-Mail.

Many may accept paid guest posts in their sites and few may accept the link exchange from their sites.

Write a polite E-mail to the website owners requesting for the guest post in their website, Many may ignore but very few may accept.

If you are finding difficult to outreach the site owners directly, then get in touch with the Guest post providers.

Guest post sellers will have the access to the websites in all niches. Hence, based on your need you can publish on the best sites that suits you.

Finding the best sites for Guest Posting:

As mentioned earlier, Guest Posts are the organic ways of building authority backlinks to the website. This will help you to guest posting in seoimprove the ranks on the Google SERP in a strategic manner.

Finding the quality and the relevant sites are more important in link building.

As a business people or SEO Consultant, you can manually search and find the relevant blogs that are suitable for your domain.

You can outreach the site owners via E-Mail and request them to publish your posts for free or for exchange links or for paid posts.

Many will ignore your mail regarding guest posting, but very few may accept.

Another easiest way of finding the best sites for guest posting is getting in touch with the Guest Post providers.

There are many sources available online to find the guest posting sites relevant to your niche and publish posts.

We at ClickDo have more than 100+ websites and we do offer paid guest posts from all of them. If you need any sites for guest posting, just drop a mail to or visit 

guest post in seoWe offer guest posts for you form the high authority websites. Links form the quality sites will help you get an SEO boost for your websites organically.

The main thing that you should note is that whether you are getting the do follow links from the guest posts and all the links are indexed to Google.

Getting links from the deindexed sites will not help you get any improvement in SEO.

Guest Posting by ClickDo Ltd:

We at ClickDo have many websites in all niches and also accept paid guest posts in it.

If you are a blogger or SEO Consultant, you can feel free to get in touch with us to get you blogs published in high authority websites.

At ClickDo, we have wide range of pricing packages for paid guest posts which will suit any kind of needs. Also, we regularly update and monitor our websites. All our sites are well indexed by Google and will help you get good improvement in SEO organically.

Just drop a mail to We will get back to you with the list of high authority websites.

What is Dwell Time? Does it impacts your SEO?


What is Dwell Time in SEO?

Dwell time of your website is normally composed of session duration and the bounce rate. It is the time spent by the user when they visit your web page from SERP and bounce back to SERP again.

dwell time impacts ranksUsually, if the user spends more time on your website, then your website will have more dwell time.

Here let’s see whether the Google uses Dwell time as one of the important ranking factors.

How does Google see the Dwell Time?

Nowadays, Google started shuffling the ranks by using the RankBrain, Google AI.

RankBrain will modify the ranks of the web pages based on user behavior.

If a user spends more time on your web page, then Google will think that there is some potential content present on your website for the particular search query.

Just opposite happens if the user bounces back to the SERP very quickly without spending some time on your webpage.

dwell time in seoBeing a business owner or the SEO Consultant, you should make the users engage more time with your website to improve your ranks on SERP.

Dwell Time Impacts Your SEO:

Dwell time is the average time spent by the user in your website when they land from the search results.

In a recent survey, it has been found that the dwell time has a direct impact on your search engine ranks.

Say if your website ranks at #6 for a keyword “on page SEO tips

If the users who are searching for that particular term eventually will click on the #1 result.

If they found that there is no useful content in the website which ranks on #1.

dwell time on your websiteThen they bounce back to the SERP and will visit any other website which ranks on the 1st page of the Google Search Results.

if they visit your website which is at #6 for that search term and if they spend more time on your website. Then your website will get some SEO Boost.

If Google receives many similar kind of actions from the users, then your site will be boosted to top rankings.

Thus having quality content in your website and keeping the users engaged will help you get good results for your website in Google search.

How to improve the Dwell TIme?

Making the users to spend more time on your website will increase the dwell time and improve the ranks on Google.

Don’t stuff the webpage with only the text content, Add some media files like infographics, video content, etc.

impact of dwell timeThis will make the users to spend more time on your website. Eventually, this will increase the dwell time of your website.

Make your site mobile friendly as the more number of searches are from mobile devices than the desktop devices.

Page loading speed on mobile is also a ranking factor of Google.

Does Dwell Time Impacts Ranks?

This is a complicated query to write up a note. Because the users need not spend more time in all the websites that they are visiting.

In some websites, the users can find the information what they are looking very quickly.

Hence, ranks cant be shuffled by keeping the dwell time as one of the main factors.

Google’s RankBrain monitors the dwell time, It has a significant effect on the ranks. In the meantime, it’s not a core ranking factor.

Thus if you are a blogger or business owner, try to engage the users more time on your website by providing a great piece of content.

This will make the users visit your web page regularly and also to improve the ranks on the SERP.





How businesses can utilize Google AdWords to facilitate organic SEO?


Well, SEO is a big deal nowadays, It’s not easy to budge the sites up to the top of the search results.

Even if you do so, frequent Google updates will let your business web page to drop for some potential terms.

google ppc for businessSo, To withstand the Google SEO fluctuations, you can choose the paid advertising campaigns like Google PPC.

This will help you bring in more conversions for your business.

Here let’s see more about how Google PPC works well for you when SEO doesn’t

Google Adwords for Business:

When your business fully depends on online sales. Then Google PPC will help you get more leads.

Even if your business website ranks in the top of the Google search for the potential terms, You may get only a few calls to your business.

The reason is that when the user makes any search in the Google, they will get the Google Ad results followed by map results and then the organic search results.

So Normal users tend to click on the Ads without scrolling down to the organic results.

This is the reason that you get very few calls for your business even though if your web page ranks on top of the Google.

ppc for businessGoogle PPC will help you get more calls for your business, You can target the potential audience who are looking for service from you.

Also, you can target the Ads based on location, language, time, etc.

This will help you to make only the potential buyers to visit your website.

Google PPC Vs. SEO:

SEO will help you to drive traffic to the website from the Google Organically.

But if you are starting a brand new website, then it will take some time to appear on the first page of the SERP.

SEO should be done in a very strategic way and as a business owner, you should be patient to get the best results.

google adsWhen you need quick results in SEO, well most probably it’s not possible. Hence as a business owner, if you are having a brand new website and if you need a good volume of traffic to your site from Google in a very short time. Then you can switch to Google Ads.

By using Google Ads you can get quality traffic to your site from the target audience. You need to pay to Google based on the number of Clicks that your Ads receive.

Based on your business and the keywords that you are targetting, the cost per click may vary.

When compared to the Google PPC, Though SEO is a long-term process, it will help you to get a good volume of organic traffic from Google regularly.

But in Google PPC, you need to pay to Google for every click that your website receives from the Google Ads.

google search adsEven if you need tons of sales daily, then you can focus on both the SEO and the Google PPC to rule the online business.

Not only Google Search Ads, as a business owner, but you can also even focus on Google Display ads to get more brand outreach.

Next, to Google PPC, you can get more leads from the Facebook Advertising, The main advantage about the Facebook Advertising is that you can target the custom audience based on the interest, job titles, etc.

In this case, you can use the Google Adwords to drive traffic to the website and increase the conversions.

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PBN SEO: Do Private Blog Networks Help SEO Ranks (SEO Hacks)?


Many people search for PBN SEO tips and what are Private Blog Networks.

Updated on 10.05.2020

Recently Fernando Raymond wrote an extensive guide that covers everything about Private Blog Networks and PBN SEO and when you read it you will know how PBNs adapt for SEO works in 2020. 

Well, It’s a complex query to find an answer that “Whether PBN will work for SEO or not?“. Generating backlinks will help you to budge the ranks of your web pages on Google. But should you use private blog networks to rank your websites in search engines?

That’s what we will answer today and also we will explain to you what is a PBN?

What is a PBN?

Private blog networks AKA PBNs collective of blogs owned by one or more people privately to increase the ranks of websites on the search engines. Basically, it is a blog network but by implementing third-party bot blockers the owners make it private.

So when you get backlinks from PBNs the backlink monitoring tools like Ahrefs, MajesticSEO or even SEMRush can not find them. Only the Google bots and any other crawlers that are not blocked can read the backlinks that come from a private blog network.

Are PBNs good to use for SEO?

Backlinks being the main Off-Page factor in SEO, the question is that whether the PBN backlinks help you to improve the ranks or not.

At times people who are working in the SEO industry try to build a bunch of links to the target webpage from the high authority websites.

paid guest post backlinksThis is done by buying the expired high authority domains and linking from it.

This gave birth to the PBN’s (Private Blog Networks). SEO people started using private network blogs to generate quality backlinks to their website.

Benefits of Using PBN’s in SEO:

You may hear from many that PBN’s are scam and will not work anymore to budge your site to the top of the Google, But it’s only partly true.

If you choose the right PBN sites for linking, then definitely it will help you to get an SEO boost for your website.

It depends on whether the PBN is updated regularly.

More than giving importance to the domain authority of the PBN site, make sure that the PBN sites are hosted in the unique IP’s and not on the same IP.

Links from the sites hosted at the same IP will not help you in SEO by any means.

This will clearly make Google understand that it is a manual link building process.

PBN Blogs for SEOCons (Not Much) of PBN links:

When it comes to talking about the cons of the PBN links, there’s not much to think about unless you give improper anchors, linking from spammy sites, using the deindexed sites for linking, etc.

When you try to build links, avoid using the direct keyword anchors, instead, you can use the brand anchors or the naked links.

Using the direct keyword anchors will help Google to spot that you are building the links manually.

Also. before publishing the posts in the PBN sites, make sure that the site is well-indexed by Google.

Because posting blogs in deindexed sites will not help you.

Don’t build a bunch of links from different sites on the same day, Gradually publish posts and build one or two links daily from different sites. This will make your backlink profile to look more natural.

Building many links in the short period of time will spoil all the SEO works that you have done so far.

How to build quality links?

As an SEO Consultant, you can get high-quality backlinks for your website by,

  • Guest Posting
  • E-Mail Outreaching

private blog networksGuest Posting:

Guest Posting is the natural way of building authority links to the website.

Guest posting will help you to publish your quality blogs in high authority websites relevant to your niche.

In return, you will get a quality backlink from that particular site where you have published the blog.

To find the best websites relevant to your niche, you can just get in touch with the Bloggers, Guest Blog Provider.

Guest Blog Outreach people will help you to find the best websites that suit your domain or industry.

Guest Blog is the only way to build authentic links to the website.

You should not focus on building many links from the same website, instead try to build unique links form a wide range of websites.

This will make your backlink profile to look more natural.

Give equal importance to both the do-follow links and the no-follow links.

At ClickDo Ltd, we help the business people & SEO Consultants to publish guest posts on high authority website and build quality links to their site.

email outreachingWe have 100+ high authority blogs which are updated regularly and are well indexed by Google.

As an SEO Consultant, you can get in touch with the ClickDo crew to get quality backlinks for your website from the high authority blogs.

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E-Mail Outreaching:

E-Mail outreaching is the way of finding the high authority blogs on the web and emailing the site owners regarding guest posts.

Many may ignore your mail, but very few may accept. As an experienced SEO Consultant, you should learn to write a very polite mail to the site owners requesting guest posts.

Many may offer paid guest posts in their own websites, You can either pay or publish guest posts for exchange link.

Since it’s a complicated process to get guest posts via E-Mail outreaching. You can just get in touch with the Guest Post Providers to get links from quality sites.

If you would like to publish guest posts in the high authority websites and budge the ranks, just drop a mail to We will get back to you with the list of high authority blogs.

How to start your home based SEO business?


Starting an SEO business can be very lucrative and anyone can start it nowadays. There are so many ways you can learn SEO skills and master the art to Rank & Bank. The home based SEO jobs are high in demand and many people look for SEO remote jobs saying they are interested in virtual SEO jobs. I get many people asking me how they can start to work from home SEO jobs.

So in this article, I will look into all those and tell you my story and how you can also start and build an SEO business from home.

I’ve started my SEO services business after reading an article back in 2013 about rising industries in the UK. The article mentioned that every business owners will demand SEO services and consultants who have the knowledge will be paid well.

So I started to read more and more about search engine optimization. Back then I used to learn about Yahoo, Bing and even how to rank on Chinese search engine. But now all you need to know is to rank on Google and you are good to rank your website and even get paid to rank business owners websites.

UK business owners are seeking SEO consultants every day. When their ranks drop they try to look new SEO experts who can support their SEO and ranks for the money keywords.

SEO business is such a money market when your current clients rank drops, they might leave you but a ton of other new business owners wants to hire you. The thing is you must be good at ranking and of course your goal should be to retain your existing clients and serve them well.

So how can you start a home based SEO business?

  • First, learn SEO skill as shown on the online SEO training course done by me.
  • Then practice it on one of your websites and seriously know that you have the skills to rank. Ideally, you should try to rank in your local area or a city where you live or planning to get clients.
  • Then, start emailing prospecting business owners with free SEO audits done by your showing how they can improve their SEO and how you can help.
  • If you have a confidence, call business owners each day. Call 50 a day and you shall have 2-3 appointments to meet and close the deals.
  • Start going to business networking events. If you are in the UK, got o BNI meetings. That’s the best place to land clients. I got my first orthodontic niche client at a BNI meeting I went back in 2014.
  • You really have to be out at places where business people gather. To tell you I got my very first client Quick Wasters through my lawyer. I have told her when I met her that i do SEO services and even asked her to send over any business people she deals with at my way. And that’s how I got my first client.

I worked from home till early 2016 doing all the  SEO work for clients. I tell my clients I work remotely and I work while traveling. Business owners really do not care where you work from as long as they feel that you can rank their business website and help them get more leads, customers and have sales.

I even got one of my till to date biggest clients FCI London when I was still working from home living in Queensbury, London. Then the client came to meet me and I said let’s meet at Morrisons supermarket and they hired me to do SEO. To be honest, at the start they only paid me £200 per month and I was happy. But they doubled, tripped and again double and started paying multiple 4 figures per month.

So what I must tell you is that you can start a home based SEO services business and work your way up.

I started with SEO and in this article, I explained how to start an SEO business easily. Have a read and you will get some good ideas.

With that being said, if you really want to learn the most advanced SEO skills to rank local business websites check how to start an SEO business easily

Guys SEO is the most amazing skill set you should learn. I can tell you about my experience because I learned SEO skills and become the #1 SEO Consultant in London, I’m here right now living the life in Canary Wharf, London.

If you have any questions, connect with me on Facebook and shoot me an email to learn more about how to start your home based SEO consultancy services business.

If you are looking for some SEO jobs that you can join and work from home, you may check this website for more details.

How regular blogging can help you in SEO?


When you try to improve the ranks of the web pages in the Google SERP, then regular blogging in the Website will help you in achieving the same.

Here let’s see some advantages of doing regular blogging in the website.

blogging helps seoKeeps the Site Updates:

Regular Blog publishing will help you to keep the website updated. Also, from Google’s view, fresh content is updated regularly in the website.

This will help you to increase the authority of your web page on the Google Search Engine.

In the dynamic online world, you should regularly update the sites with the quality contents to be in the race!

Inbound Links:

More the internal links that you have in the website, then there will be more possibilities of your web pages to be indexed by the Google Search Engine.

Internal links will help the users to explore more contents present in youe website.

Google crawlers follow the links on the each page and discover the new web pages where the links points to.

Regular blogging with the proper inbound links will help the new web pages to be indexed by the Google.

how blogging helps seoEngage Audience:

Blogging regularly and sharing in the official social media pages will help the audience to be engaged with your website.

It will also help you get more brand outreach. Regular blogging will increase the authority of your website and will improve the ranks on the SERP.

Adding quality contents in your website will make the users to visit your website regularly, Inturn to buy the products or avail services from you.

Increase in Traffic:

Publishing blogs based on the trending topics will make many users to visit your website.

benefits of regular bloggingThus the blogs acts as a new traffic source and bring in the quality users from social media, Search Engines, etc.

More traffic and the less bounce rate will help you to improve the ranks of the web page in the Google SERP.

Thus as a business people, If you haven’t started a blog page in your website. Then this is the right time do start one.

Start publishing regular blogs and improve the authority of your site on Google.

Regular blogging in the business website will help you to increase the traffic by more than 30%.

Blogs On Trending Topics:

Blogging will always help you to increase the authority of your website online. Blogs will make the new users visit your website.

Being a Business Owner, Having the blogging section in your website is must and it will help you get some conversions indeed.

advantages of regular bloggingJust update the blogs daily with new and trending topics. Share the latest blogs on Social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This will help you get more brand reach and engage new customers in.

You can publish contents like “How To Do?” Blogs, Product Review Videos, etc. This will make the users to understand better about the services/products that you are offering.

Don’t focus only on adding the text contents, add more media files like Videos, Infographics, etc to make the users to spend more time on your website.

Video Contents & Infographics will help the users to engage more time on your website. This will greatly help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Publishing blogs alone will not help you to get more users to the site. Just share the blogs on Social Profiles to reach the target users.

Use or SUMO setup to make the users to subscribe to your website and know about the regular updates that you are doing.

As a business people in the UK, you can get in touch with ClickDo Ltd to optimize the business site and rank it in top for the potential terms.


Impact of Social Media Signals in SEO


Social Signals plays a vital role in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google uses the social signals as one of the important ranking factors of the websites.

Google+ is considered as the powerful social media tool in impacting the search engine ranks, But Google has recently announced that it is going to close the Google+ as the usage is very less.

Here let’s see some smart tips on how to use the social media to improve the ranks.

impact of social media in seoQuality Backlinks from Social Media’s:

You may put more efforts in finding the quality sites to build backlinks to your website.

But you can use the social media’s like Reddit, Plurk, etc to build quality links.

Sharing the blog posts or any important updates of the website on the platforms like Reddit will help you get backlinks to your website.

These links are more natural and will help you to boost your ranks organically on the Google SERP.

Increases Visibility:

Social Media increases the visibility of your content, which will make more users to know about your blog or business website.

social media in seoAlso, Social Media’s will help you get more traffic to the business website.

Social Media’s are the place which will help you get more reach for your posts.

Build the Brand:

When it comes to online business, it’s all about building the brand and making it visible to more people.

You can get more brand reach for your business in the Social Media’s.

You can use the Paid Advertising on Facebook & Instagram to get more conversions for your business.

You can target the custom audience for your business by using the Facebook Advertising.

As a business people, if you would like to start a Facebook Advertising Campaign, Then you can get in touch with us. Our experts will help you in setting up the Facebook Advertising Campaigns by custom targeting the audience.

Impact Of Social Media Marketing:

impact of social media in seoAs the online presence of the people has increased in the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. As a business people its always important for you to promote the brand on Social Media’s

By using Facebook Advertising, you can target the custom audience based on their interests, Job TItle, Life Events, etc.

Thus it’s the right time for you to adapt to the latest trending digital marketing strategies and increase the sales/conversions.

Facebook Remarketing will help you to get in touch with the customers who have visited your website previously. That is you can retarget the customers with some special offers and make them buy.

Nowadays even big corporate giants are increasing their sales by more than 30% with the help of Remarketing.

Targeting the right customers by showing Ads on the Social Media’s will help you get more reach for your brand.

impact of social mediaEven you can promote the latest products/services that you have launched recently. This will help the target audience to know about the latest launches.

More than updating the site regularly, You should make sure that those updates are well known to the target customers.

By using the Facebook Marketing, you can get more ROI when compared to the Google Ads.

As a Business People in London, you can get in touch with the ClickDo Ltd team to plan the Social Media Marketing Campaign and increase the sales.

We will help you in getting more sales by promoting in Social Media’s like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Having good online reputations will help you increase the authority of your website on Google and will help you rank on top for the potential keywords.

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